Have breakfast with the birds.

Have breakfast with the birds.

Haith’s – The Bird Food Specialist Since 1937, have put together Olympeck! Bird Breakfast. View this blog to find out more...

Haith’s know a thing or two about birds and therefore it comes as no surprise that they’re about to launch a Limited Edition Bird Breakfast. It’s a celebration of Haith’s 75th Anniversary and the London 2012 Olympic Games so they’ve come up with the aptly named – Olympeck! Bird Breakfast. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the same can be argued for birds and their breakfast. The first meal of the day will kick start the metabolism and set you up for the day ahead, so Haith’s are encouraging Britons to take 10 minutes to have breakfast with the birds throughout the Spring and Summer.

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Of course, there’s a serious message behind this fun campaign: breakfast is good for us, and it’s the perfect occasion to feed the birds too. In an Olympic year we’ll all be checking our waistlines, but let’s spare a thought for the garden birds and help them get out of the blocks this summer.

Haith’s – The Bird Food Specialist Since 1937, have put together Olympeck! Bird Breakfast and it’s been created to feed to lots of different birds on three different levels: bird feeder, bird table or straight from the ground. “This is the best way to attract lots of birds,” say Haith’s. The mix contains Sunflower Hearts, which have overtaken the popularity of peanuts in recent years. It will be popular with just about every common garden bird who’d visit your bird table for breakfast: tits, finches, thrushes, Robins, Wrens, Blackbirds, House Sparrows and Doves. 

Haith’s Limited Edition Olympeck! Bird Breakfast is available to purchase online. 

On your marks! Get set! Go Olympeck!

Written by Simon H King

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