Feeding Peanuts to Wildlife: Benefits and Best Practices

Feeding Peanuts to Wildlife: Benefits and Best Practices

Haith's Premium Quality Peanuts for Wildlife are clean, safe and full of energy.

Haith's Premium Peanuts top quality

Haith's® Premium Peanuts are of the finest quality peanuts for garden birds & wildlife. Haith's peanuts are rich in proteins and full of essential peanut oils. This means that the garden birds & wildlife that feed on peanuts get the maximum benefit every time they land on your garden bird feeder, which of course should be a peanut feeder.

So it really is worth spending that little bit more on peanuts if you're really serious about feeding birds. Peanuts remain one of the most important ways to attract and feed wild garden birds. Importantly though, the quality of peanuts available in the UK varies greatly and poor quality peanuts can actually be harmful to birds.

So only buy the best quality peanuts, which you can always be sure of from Haith's®.

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