A picture of Haith's Platinum Jubilee wildlife seed Mix with celebratory bunting

Platinum Jubilee Mix

NEW! To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - have a garden party and invite the birds.

We are proud to introduce our limited-edition Platinum Jubilee Mix.

Platinum Jubilee Mix is hand-crafted by our very own bird food specialists to help celebrate the historic Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II because no garden party is complete without the birds.

"Platinum" is a celebration of 70 years. Of course, we’re octogenarians here at Haith’s but we think the platinum jubilee is an occasion worth commemorating and as we don't make mugs or tea towels - we decided to make a limited-edition bird food. 

Platinum Jubilee Mix contains pinhead oatmeal for the silver jubilee; cut maize for the golden jubilee; peanut granules for the Queen's diamond jubilee (because they're a bit diamond-shaped) and insect suet pellets to salute with suet the platinum jubilee. These ingredients plus black sunflower and millets are suitable for feeding in a tube-type seed feeder, on a bird table or straight from the bag onto the ground and will be super popular with just about every garden bird who might join the garden bird feeding party! 

So, let’s celebrate this important date in history with our garden birds and treat them to a jubilee mix of seeds to honour this special year.

Written by Angela

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