Stir Up Sunday

Stir Up Sunday

On Sunday the 22nd November it’s tradition to ‘stir up’ the ingredients for a Christmas pudding - the premise being that, families gather together in the kitchen and make a wish for the year ahead as they each take in turn to stir the mixture.

Bird food recipes

Here at Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes, we’re a traditional bunch and have turned this annual event into a treat for the garden birds (and staff) – here’s what we do:

- We melt suet and mix it with 250g-500g of bird seed
- When the right consistency is achieved, we carefully spoon out the mixture (get the children involved in this bit).
- Remember to add a piece of string if you’re wishing to hang the treat up
- We then pour it into moulds, or make it into our own shapes
- Once chilled we hang the treats out for the garden birds

Bird Mixes

This is a great opportunity to get the whole family involved and as the weather turns colder, we are sure your garden birds will really appreciate your homemade delights…

Written by Angela and Chris

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