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Why We Love Garden Birds: Tips for Attracting Them

In this blog we explore the importance and the love we share for wild birds.

What’s so special about garden birds? As we all know, Britain is a nation of animal lovers, we can’t argue with that. But we do have an obsession with birds.

In this country, our wild birds are not always bold and colourful but that doesn’t stop people living and breathing birds and getting very excited when they see a new species in their local area.

In the UK we have an immense variety of bird species. The Starling, with their glistening plumage and omnivorous appetite, the small beautiful Goldcrest and right down to the Mallards and swans at your local park. It’s surely impossible to get bored of looking at birds. 

Image of a Goldcrest in a persons hand

Because of their accessibility, they are never very far away from us. In urban areas, you may see the humble House Sparrow, Blackbird and feral pigeons picking up dropped seed from our feeders. In the countryside, yellowhammers will be singing and warblers, finches and buntings will be perching in trees and hedges. With their comings and goings, our lives are enhanced by birds even if you don’t realise it. 

Image of a Yellowhammer

There is even a sense of envy regarding birds. Who hasn’t longed to have a pair of wings and take to the air? Spread your feathers and soar high into the sky, to have the freedom and ability to go wherever you please. 

Image of a rocky outcrop overlooking land looking towards the sea

And lastly, there is the beauty of their singing. Imagine the world without birdsong? It starts your morning with the dawn chorus and closes your day at dusk. What would a late summer evening be without the enchanting song of the graceful Blackbird?

We love garden birds.  

Written by Angela and Chris

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