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During a thrilling 36-hour session at my local syndicate, I had the privilege of landing five impressive common carp, with two standout catches weighing in at 21-4 and 22-7 respectively. The success of these remarkable hauls can be attributed to the strategic use of short stick rigs paired with sticky sharp curve shank hooks tied KD style.

A key factor in enticing these elusive carp was the irresistible stick mix crafted from Grandad Ted's Poultry Spice mix, expertly bound together with Liquid Robin Red. This winning combination not only provided an enticing aroma but also delivered essential nutrients that lured the carp into feeding mode. Complementing the stick mix was a 15mm CC Moore Pacific Tuna wafter meticulously positioned on the hair, adding an extra layer of attraction to seal the deal.

What truly set these catches apart was the meticulous attention to detail and the utilization of small yet effective edges. Despite the limited presence of other anglers on the bank that weekend, these carefully crafted setups proved to be the difference between failure and resounding success. It's a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of adapting tactics to suit the ever-changing conditions of the fishing environment.

As the catch report vividly illustrates, success in angling often hinges on the ability to leverage subtle advantages and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. By embracing innovative rig setups and utilising high-quality bait formulations, anglers can unlock the full potential of their fishing endeavours and experience the thrill of landing prize catches time and time again.

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Wayne Matlby
Wayne Maltby catch

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Written by Wayne Maltby

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Hi , if you want my regular catch reports , home and abroad you are most welcome. Been using your products now for a long time. Regards Dave .

David oliver

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