Generation four...and a new beginning.

Generation four...and a new beginning.

Can the promise of a new kitchen stop Adam fishing? Err…no! I promised my wife that she would get the kitchen that she so rightly should have...

I`m trying to say is that oddly, for me, my fishing experiences thus far have been somewhat curtailed as I have been involved in sorting the new extension. But that`s not to say that I have not angled in earnest, or, been trying new bait ideas, or, finding a new venue or two...

Recently I returned with my son to one of my small quiet farm pools that I`m aware of...this lake has a healthy population of double figure common and ghost carp plus, a few mirrors that are slowly and surely growing away, add to the fact it`s fully protected from otter predation makes this a viable venue.

I settled into a swim known as `very dead tree` and set up my rods. I was targeting the deep marginal areas just fishing traps, using Haith’s SuperSoft pellets that I have so much confidence with. My son, on the other hand, was fishing one rod into the open water and the other also in the margins.

It was then I got to thinking about how much angling has played a part in all my close family life; from seeing my Grandfather in photos sitting on a rock, fishing in the second world war (he was on HMS Victorious) in the Pacific Ocean; to my father and his many trips; my uncle/aunt owning Sky Lake, France. It just blew me away for a second seeing my lad enjoying himself...

My innermost thoughts were disturbed at this point as a very wet looking son called me over to look at one of the lakes’ fairly rare mirrors. He`d caught it on one of my homemade Robin Red /Chilli 14mm boilies with added Cranberry nutrafruits E/A flavour, over a bed of `Spombed` Robin Gold & Five Spice SuperSoft pellets, with added `CLO` in the mix of broken freebie boilies. He was very happy as he had christened his new reels and unhooking mat.

It wasn`t long before I too had some action, albeit from some of the smaller fish in the lake! On this occasion I thought my lad should feature in a pic or two as he uses and catches well on many of the Haith`s products...

As the day came to an end, the wind on the beacon that we were angling upon turned right around and blew strongly into our faces. This was our cue to pack down, not to mention the lure of a `special burger`from the town nearby hastened our departure!

On the way home we talked of the days fishing, and my son’s impending trip to Sparsholt College where he is hoping to study Aquatics and fishery management.



Some of the fish in the little lake I love are very old and have somewhat peaked I guess, so it was with great pride I introduced a further 30 small mirror carp that I hope will grow on and become individuals in the beautiful pool along with some crucian carp as well.

Coupled with knowledge gained from trained fishery manager friends, I`m lucky to have and the use of high-quality bait from Haith’s, should see some good growth returns from the new stock in years to come, so I`m very excited for the future of `myplace`....

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All the best Adam

Written by Adam Roots

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