More Red Factor tricks

More Red Factor tricks

Red Factor's got it all going on.

Red Factor is an ingredient that has for many years long been used by bait companies in their boilie mixes.

Nectarblend carp fishing bait
It is similar to Nectarblend in that it is based upon egg biscuit, a first class softbill food for feeding and rearing canaries. It also contains Carophyll Red, a colouring agent that is used to colour the feathers of show birds.

Red Factor carp fishing bait
It can also be used at 100% concentrations to create a first class birdfood boiled bait. Here you can seed the natural colour of this fantastically versatile birdfood.

As you can see, Red Factor in its natural state is quite a coarse product. This makes it ideal when you wish to make a paste bait or a coarse textured boilie, as the flavours and attractors are allowed to leak out much quicker from a coarse bait than from a fine textured one. However, if like me you prefer really soft boilie, and then you can easily grind down Red Factor using a coffee grinder. Fine ground Red Factor is shown on the right in this photo.

You can tweak the effectiveness still further by adding Green Lipped Mussel Extract to your Red Factor base mix. 2g per 500g is a useful starting point but you can go much higher if you wish. Betaine HCl is another excellent additive.

Add any dry powdered ingredient to the Red Factor, and then mix in well in a polythene bag.

Break the required number of eggs into a bowl and add a hefty dollop of any of the liquid food additives such as CSL or, as in this photo, PPC.

Now add the Red Factor to the beaten eggs and mix the paste well. It will be quite sticky to start with but allow it to rest for ten minutes and you will find that it becomes much more workable.

You may like to coat your hand with some food oil before making the paste, as this also help you to work the ingredients into a ball. Keep some paste back so that you can make a few paste balls and paste wraps while fishing.

Now use a bait gun to extrude the paste sausages or you can simply roll them out on a work surface. Cut them to size so that they will fit into a large pan, and then boil the whole sausages for 3 minutes.

When they are done remove the sausages from the boiling water.

Now place the sausages on a clean kitchen towel to cool and dry.

Use a sharp kitchen knife to chop the now-cooked and cooled sausages into chunks. As these have two sides open to the water this allows you attractors, flavours and stimulants to leak out very fast when the baits are on the lakebed. Of course, if you need to fish at long range, form the paste into balls as normal. Mount one or Red Factor hookbaits onto a rig such as the two in this photo.

When you a arrive at your swim first take some of the paste, roll it into 25mm ball shapes and fire them into your swim by catapult.

And if you catch one like this, don’t forget to send us your photos

Red Factor carp fishing bait

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Written by Ken Townley

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