How to Prepare Tiger Nuts for Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Prepare Tiger Nuts for Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide

I hope everybody had a good Christmas and New Year. This time around I’m going to go through my preparation and use of Tiger Nuts.

Tiger Nuts are a lot of anglers’ number one particle and - as such - unless they are banned on your water, the fish will have already seen them. Where I would be quite happy to use 3 or 4 kg of boilies per 48 hours, if solely using tigers over the same period, then half a kg would be plenty.

Here’s how I prepare them...

Tiger nuts.


 First weigh 1kg of tigers and place into a large saucepan.

Measuring jug, ready for recipe process.
Into a jug, add 200ml of molasses and fill up the jug with water (1 kg of tigers will need approximately 3 litres of liquid to cover the tigers and allow for some loss through the cooking process). If you feel the need to add a flavour to them this is the time. (Some flavours I have done well with are Techni spice UTCS and Blackcurrant (not in the same mix!) both are from Nutrabaits at 6ml and 15ml per kg of dry tigers.
Leave to soak for 24/48 hours (the longer the better).
Boiling water added to tiger nuts.

Boil for 45 minutes - topping up with boiling water if required.

Boiling water added to mixture.

Leave to stand for another 24 hours.

Tiger nuts after being boiled.

Then drain all the liquid out of the tigers.

Liquid in bottle from the boiling of tiger nuts.

Pour it into a plastic bottle and freeze (this can then be used for the next batch of tigers or any other particle that you may require).

Tiger nuts that have been weighed out.

Next is the simple job of weighing out the tigers into whatever size bag you require; I weigh mine out into 250gm bags as, I find this amount just right for day sessions or adding to spod mixes. If going for a 48 hour trip I simply get 2 of the bags out the freezer.

As you are weighing them out, pick out the best looking tigers for hookbaits - these do not have to be the larger nuts but try and get a mix of sizes. I actually got 1.75 kg of prepared tigers out of the original 1kg dry weight. (Editor’s note: sounds like magic, Brian. Can you please do the same with money?).

Liquid robin red.

For a hookbait, soak and dissolve 10gms of betaine into 50ml of either minamino or multimino and then add the same amount of the “soon to be released” Liquid Robin Red, and pour into the glug pot. If you are a little bit short to cover the nuts then simply add more of the LRR.

Happy fishing!

Brian Mills
Haith’s Baits Tester




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