SuperRed Bait-Making Tricks: Expert Tips for Anglers

SuperRed Bait-Making Tricks: Expert Tips for Anglers

One of the best selling products in the Haith's Baits range is the amazingly versatile SuperRed™.

Developed for us by Ken Townley, and based upon the ultimate carp and coarse fish attractor Robin Red®SuperRed™ is without doubt the product most likely to brighten up your fishing life!

Here are a few SuperRed tricks you may like to try:

Mesh parcels for fishing.


We all know how effective PVA bags and mesh can be. You should attach a mesh parcel of pellet or boilie crumb (or both) to your hookbait each time you cast out, in order to draw attention to your hookbait. It’s also a good idea to pre-tie your mesh parcels before you go fishing. 

Aviform used as a liquid attractor for fishing.

 Some of the best results come to PVA mesh parcels that have been soaked in a liquid attractor of some kind, and one of the best attractors going is Molasses such as the Aviform shown here. To thin the molasses to make it ready for use, warm it gently in hot water.

Liquid being poured into bowl to make attractor for fishing.
You will now find that the molasses is much thinner and it can be poured over the pre-tied parcels. Alternatively you can pour it into a bowl so that you can blend it with liquid foods to add still further to the attraction.
PVA mesh parcel ready for fishing


Now simply dip the PVA mesh parcel into the molasses like this.

Mesh parcel after night soak in molasses for fishing.


 After an overnight soak you will find that the molasses has infused the contents of the mesh and reverted to it less viscous, sticky state.

Mesh parcel into a bowl of SuperRed™, coating it with a thick dusting of the highly attractive groundbait.


The final step is to dip the soaked PVA When the PVA parcel hits the lakebed, tiny particles of SuperRed™ start to drift away from the sticky mesh. Some fall to the bottom, other drift upwards slowly, while others maintain neutral density for a while. The effect is to spread a field of attraction around the contents of the parcel and focus attention on the hookbait.

Here’s another idea for you to try:

Liquid food source for fishing.

To dry SuperRed™, add a good dollop of any of the liquid foods such as the one shown here.

Haiths SuperRed™ mixed with liquid.

 Mix the SuperRed™ and the liquid(s) together, (you can use more than one if you like) and then add lake water to your preferred consistency. This is how I like mine, sticky, but not so much that it does not slide off the spoon.

Haiths SuperRed™ absorbing water.

Allow the SuperRed™ to stand for an hour or so, during which time it will absorb the water and thicken slightly, and add a few pellets, crushed tiger nuts, boilie crumb or even whole mini-boilies. Finally, here is one more trick for you:

 PVA mesh tube, make up a 4-5cm long “sausage” of neat SuperRed™.

Using narrow PVA mesh tube, make up a 4-5cm long “sausage” of neat SuperRed™. Then using a baiting needle, pull the hooklink through the sausage lengthways.

Hookbait attached to mesh tube

Now finally attach the hookbait.

Written by Ken Townley



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