Armchair Naturalist - Wildlife during lockdown

Armchair Naturalist - Wildlife during lockdown

As we are in a serious pandemic around the world at the moment due to Covid – 19 we have noticed that our towns, cities and villages have become quieter due to humans staying at home more, while this is happening wildlife is taking advantage of this and is boldly venturing out back into open spaces.

Birds and animals who normally live in urban areas such as pigeons and sparrows are now venturing beyond their usual territories. There could be several reasons for this, but it could well be due to reduced traffic on the roads, in the air, and quieter streets, which is encouraging the wildlife to have a nosy around.

Some birds seem to stop singing when there is a lot of noise, but because its more quieter they are now letting themselves go and we can hear these wonderful birds singing to the top of their voices and it is bringing comfort to many quarantined people in their homes.

We are seeing more activity in our gardens too as wildlife and animals are shaking off human noise and the timing could not have been a better time as the mating season is in full flow.

As we humans have only been going out for exercise for an hour or so wildlife seems to have been relaxing their timid ways, wildlife that normally live in quiet sheltered areas such as Roe Deer which normally stay far away around trees and bushes they are now being noticed that they are coming nearer to fences and the Pheasants and Ducks are also relaxing their nervous ways.

It is encouraged that to be around nature and green spaces (even if it is only in our garden) is good for our well-being.

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Written by Chris Smith

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