Haith’s bird food migrating from Grimsby to Louth, Lincolnshire.

Haith’s bird food migrating from Grimsby to Louth, Lincolnshire.

We’re aiming to make a positive difference for our staff (and customers) by creating commercial space and a working environment that’s connected with nature, where we can continue to create unique hand-crafted foods for birds and wildlife – which is what Haith’s has been doing since 1937. Please see https://haiths.com/pages/it-all-started-in-1937 Haith’s bird food manufacturing champions can’t work from home so we’re making it a priority to develop the business in a setting that encourages colleagues’ best efforts because that’s going to help us make our best bird food.   

The 25,000-square-foot building will house our award-winning super-clean seed cleaning system, where we remove unwanted grain dust and debris from bird seeds because these can be harmful to birds. Once this cleaning stage is complete, we blend our ingredients into mixes using tried and tested formulas (such as ensuring there’s adequate calcium in a bird diet as this leads to better skeletal development, larger broods, higher fledgling success and optimal body condition in adult birds).

Our hand-crafted bird foods fill the nation’s garden bird feeders, are purchased by champion bird-breeders and pet bird-keepers, used by zoos and universities who combine their science to protect animals plus support rare and endangered bird-breeding programmes, and our fishing bait ingredients are exported to more than twenty international markets. 

We have a comprehensive website presence at haiths.com - where enthusiasts can find out more about Haith's and explore and discover new ways to connect with the natural world. 

Haith's is an award-winning bird food company; we’re Northern Powerhouse Export Champions (helping other companies establish a route to international markets) and were awarded an inaugural Board of Trade Award by the Secretary of State for International Trade in 2018.

Anyone interested in a career with Haith’s should email enquiries@haiths.com with a CV and more information about themselves and where they might fit in best at Haith’s. We will be looking for warehouse and fulfilment operatives plus good people for our contact centre.

We're excited to be migrating to Louth and we look forward to connecting with the community and hopefully helping more people feed high-quality bird food at an everyday price. 

Additional notes:

  • Construction is now underway in Louth, and we expect to be operational by the end of March 2023.
  • We’re using Rase Engineering (a local company) as the principal contractor because they share our objective to create a commercially sustainable site and one which fits with our brand values (to make a positive difference). 
  • The scheme will see the introduction of a wildlife attenuation pond for drainage along with a wildlife pond and the planting of native trees to encourage wildlife and provide food, shelter, and a place for nature to thrive.
  • Please visit https://haiths.com/ to find out more about Haith’s.
  • Please see https://haiths.com/pages/it-all-started-in-1937


Our seven Swift boxes arrived today (22nd December, 2022) for the 7m high eaves in Louth - just in time for Christmas! We'll install them in the New Year (thank you to Action for Swifts and Hannah Bourne-Taylor for inspiring us to make space for Swifts. Thank you!):





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