Introducing Grandchildren to Nature from an Early Age

Introducing Grandchildren to Nature from an Early Age

I spend many a happy weekend with my grandson Jack who is only 5 years old. We make so many lovely memories together and some of the best ones are spent outside.

Going out in nature allows Jack to explore the natural world in a hands on way and he just loves to dig!  

It’s such a great experience introducing my grandson to the miracle of nature. Going outside always feel like an adventure with him and I never tire of his cheeky, smiling face!

Here is an image of Jack trying to reach a tall sunflower in his Great-Grandad's garden.

We have spent many happy hours in the garden; watering, planting flowers such as bluebells, forget me knots and sunflowers, making a bird bath out of pots and digging for bugs, worms, snails and ladybirds with his little spade.

We enjoy walking to my local park to feed the ducks and geese. Whilst we're there, Jack loves looking up at the tall trees and tries to climb them! We also enjoy watching the squirrels chasing each other and whilst sitting on a bench, we like to listen to birds chirping whilst they forage for food. 

Grandparents can play a special role in connecting children to nature. By getting outside, your grandchildren can experience a whole new world, unavailable to them inside. With the space to move around and the chance to breathe fresh air, you will be providing your grandchildren with positive and exciting experiences that are fundamental for their growth.

Head outside with the grandchildren and have a nature adventure!

Written by Chris

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