Time Away with Nature

Time Away with Nature

We all need to take a break now and again to relax and unwind especially for our own well-being, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

For my holiday this time I went to a lovely part of Kent, and I stayed within the grounds of Leeds castle. There is 500 acres of woodland and large lakes fed by the river Len, which attracts a great number of wildlife and common woodland birds, and after closing time we were able to explore this glorious parkland and see the abundance of wildlife.

Leeds Castle - Kent

The cottage we stayed in had its own private garden surrounded by trees and naturalistic planting. There was a weir that flowed through the bottom of the garden running into a large pond, full of all different types of fish.


The pond was a very busy place with the ducks happily playing around and having fun in and out of the water. I fed them every day with some of Haith’s Duck & Goose food which contains a mixture of grains and cereal, which went down a treat. They got use to me feeding them as when I went to sit outside, they gathered on a ledge near the fence waiting for me.

Trail of Ducks

It was so peaceful and tranquil - every morning all I could hear was the sound of the birds singing to their hearts content, it was delightful! We had regular visitors in the garden, such as wagtails, sparrows, a robin, jack daws and a cheeky magpie who seemed to come at the right time just when the food was put out. They loved the Huskfree Advance that I scattered on the ground, it went very quickly. There were also plenty of squirrels running around the gardens and one seemed to like the tree that was just outside our door. Trying to take a photo of it was what I thought impossible, but I got one in the end.


This place was amazing, and I loved spending time watching the wildlife and taking in the beautiful scenery around me. I would deeply encourage immersing yourself in nature and if possible, giving them a helping hand by providing some food.

Duck (up close)

Small things make a difference – nature helps us, and we can help nature.

By Tina Jakes.


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