Why buy from Haith's the bird food specialist?

Why buy from the bird food specialist?

At Haith's we offer a huge selection of bird feeders and bird food including peanuts, mealworms and bird seed mixes from the award winning wild bird food.

The simple-and reassuring-fact is that these days there are specialist dealers who will offer you a bigger selection, more expert advice and a better price.

Well, it is exactly the same with bird feeding. I know a lot of people buy feeders, nest boxes and seed from their local garden centre, supermarket or general store – they may well stock some of the same stuff advertised by the specialists – but I really can’t recommend that you shop there. Several reasons. The stock may have been on the shelves for some time, and it is very important that bird food is fresh. You won’t be able to buy in bulk – which in the long run is a lot cheaper – and you almost certainly won’t be able to discuss your – and the birds – needs with an expert.

Buy from Haith’s and you will be benefiting from many years of expertise. The atmosphere in the factory is rather like that in a master bakery. It is obvious that the staff are happy in their work and proud of their products. Haith’s is clearly a family business, with a very long tradition of integrity and excellence. This, combined with the efficiency of up to date communications and distribution seems to me to constitute the ideal set up.

Written by Bill Oddie

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