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There are many ways to catch tench, some specialists will target them in using similar tactics to carp angling but in a scaled down manner, using a double or triplicate of rods, bite alarms, bivvy, bedchair, the whole nine yards as they say.

Tench - Fishing
But that`s not the way I go about things for tench you see although I fish for carp in the afore mentioned manner and totally enjoy this type of fishing, there is to me nothing more exciting than seeing the bubbling and fizzing of feeding tench before a hot day and float fishing for them close in, as tight as I can to the bank, then as the float dithers and dips, then sails away, the resulting strike meeting with a life force thats just sheer power on light tackle.

I fish in a really simple way
I fish in a real simple way, traditional style or old skool as it`s now called all I do is find a suitable looking tenchy spot, sometimes bubbling or lots of stirred bottom debris gives it away. Then quietly I will set up my 13ft float rod coupled with one of my favourite centrepins loaded with 5lb line straight through to the hook, invariably this would be a size 12 drennan super specialist [barbless]. Using up to 5BB waggler float I will carefully and quietly plumb the marginal depths. Sometimes I will fish slightly over depth if bites are not always forth coming even though there are most definitely fish in the area.

Baits are invariably sweetcorn, luncheon meat and sometimes small redworms. One thing I always use is hemp (I use Haith`s hemp prepared at home), this is deposited in the swim using a very small bait dropper. One little trick I have learned over the last few years is to dust the corn or meat with one of the Haith`s base mixes I find this gives the standard fare a nice kick, the chilli version is very good used this way.


Over the years I have caught some lovely tench just using the minimal of tackle and basic watercraft, all I can say is not much beats the sight of a float going under, a rod hooped over whilst most people are still at home in bed.

Tench Venue
Just as I do with the carp I`m always on the look out for a nice tench venue, check out the small pool I discovered over 565ft above the Atlantic Ocean.

Either way enjoy your fishing and the countryside.

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Written by Adam Roots

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