Caught over Red Band particle mix

Caught over Red Band particle mix


I'm thrilled to share with you the exciting news of my latest catch—a stunning 29lb beauty landed with Haith's Red Band particle mix. Utilising this irresistible bait blend, paired with a PVA bag filled to the brim with Haith's little breakdown pellets, proved to be an unbeatable combination.

Fishing in the unique setting of a canal, I was amazed by the effectiveness of the Red Band particle mix in attracting and enticing the prized catch. Its potent blend of flavours and aromas created an irresistible feeding frenzy, ultimately leading to the capture of this magnificent specimen.

The addition of Haith's little breakdown pellets in the PVA bag provided an extra layer of attraction, ensuring that my offering remained potent and irresistible throughout the fishing session. The slow release of these pellets ensured a steady stream of bait in the water, enticing the carp and keeping them engaged until the decisive moment of the strike.

This successful catch serves as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of Haith's bait products, as well as the importance of strategic bait selection in achieving angling success. By harnessing the power of innovative bait formulations and utilising proven tactics, anglers can elevate their fishing experience and increase their chances of landing prized catches like never before.

My recent catch with Haith's Red Band particle mix highlights the effectiveness of premium-quality bait in angling success. With the right bait strategy and a touch of ingenuity, anglers can unlock the full potential of their fishing endeavour’s and experience the thrill of landing prized catches in even the most challenging fishing environments.

29lb from a canal

Caught over Red Band particle mix

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Written by Marcus Sedgman

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