How to tell it's genuine Robin Red

How to tell it's genuine Robin Red

ROBIN RED® Logo and *unique* licence number - look out for it

How to tell its genuine Robin Red
For the last twelve months we have been making it easier for anglers to see who’s using genuine ROBIN RED, and making it harder for copies to find their way onto the market. We didn’t want to spend our time and money pursuing companies via the legal route (that’s not to say that we won’t) we wanted to spend our time and money supporting the companies that do a great job making high quality carp baits with acceptable inclusion rates of ROBIN RED.

The feedback we’ve received from anglers and bait firms (apart from those firms who’ve been misusing the brand!) has continued to be good. No-one likes to get ripped off; therefore, we promise to continue to make it easier for anglers to identify *approved bait firms* via our “page, approved bait companies”

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the new ROBIN RED logo – it’s been more than 50 years in the making!

Robin Red
You might be wondering why we’ve written the word “sample” across this new device and there’s a simple explanation: We will award the new ROBIN RED logo with a *unique* Licence Number to bait firms that agree to our Terms and Conditions regarding the use of ROBIN RED; therefore, no two logos are the same. They are UNIQUE, which means anglers can easily identify companies using genuine ROBIN RED.

Our logo can be seen above.

The new logo can be included on the labels of products that contain the genuine article and it can be added to company websites/catalogues/press media etc.

“ROBIN RED® is a registered trade mark of John E Haith Ltd”.

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