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Peter Green's Winning Fishing Combination: Tips and Techniques

Hi my name is Peter Green and I have been making my own baits for 32 years using various Haith’s products, Robin Red being a particular favourite along with Red Factor, PTX, Nectarblend and Haith’s CLO

I’ve used these in all manner of mixes from simple 50-50 split of bird food with semolina to more advanced recipes like the ones listed below and they have caught me a lot of carp including my personal best common carp at 38lb 12oz from the north west.

I thoroughly recommend using bird foods in all types of mixes; as they help give the baits texture as well as add vitamins and minerals to the mix; and by adding them it helps to open up the bait so your attractors can leak out more easily! Bird Food also provides roughage for easy digestibility so the carp can eat plenty of it without the fear of getting bunged up so to speak.

My particular favourite, Robin Red has been used in baits for years and seems to be one of those ingredients big fish seem to like, just look at the results of Terry Hearn - he uses a Robin Red based fishmeal bait and you can’t argue with the results.

Image of Robin Red Boilies


Red Bird Food

100g Red Factor
100g Emp
100g PTX
100g Robin Red
200g Semolina
50g Vitamealo
50g Soya flour
50g Acid casein
50g Rennet casein
50g Whey protein concentrate
50g Brewers yeast
100g Whole egg powder

6 eggs

30ml Liquid liver
15ml Toasted sesame seed oil
2ml Hutchy megaspice
1ml Spice cajouser
1ml Talin

Image of final boilies

Red Shellfish Mix

250g LT 94 fishmeal
100g Pre-digested fishmeal
100g Krillmeal
50g Rennet Casein
50g Lamblac
75g CLO Birdfood
75g Red Factor Bird Food
50g Acid Casein
100g Robin Red
50g Blood Plasma
50g Egg Albumin
50g Kelp Meal
25g Liver Powder
25g GLM Extract

6 Eggs
30ml Nutrabaits Liquid 3D
4 ml Nutrabaits G.L.M U.T.C.S
15ml Salmon Oil
1 tsp Nutrabaits Lobster Extract

Some fish caught on the baits 

Image of a fisherman holding a large carp


Image of a fisherman holding a carp


Written by Peter Green

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