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10 bird feeding products that should be in every wildlife garden

Whether you're looking for a new bird feeder or new bird food or just want to know more about the best bird feeders on the market, read our article! 

The choice is huge when it comes to feeding your garden birds. In fact, what’s the best products for you to buy? Don’t worry we’ve done the searching for you and have selected ten fantastic items for you to try. 

We have been selling Original Wild Bird Food for decades and it’s still as popular today with both customers and garden birds alike. It’s affordable and is ideal for ground and bird table feeding.  

Bird feeders are a great way to attract birds to visit your garden and are available in many different shapes and sizes. We have several different types of seed feeders available.  Click here to view our current range 

Peanuts remain one of the most traditional ways to feed garden birds.  Quality is all though as poor-quality peanuts can be harmful to birds. Only buy quality ones that are aflatoxin free. Although the colour and variety of our bird nuts may vary from time to time, we always choose a safe peanut that's perfect for pecking.  

Peanuts should be fed from a mesh feeder, especially during the spring and summer months. Depending on your budget they are usually available in either plastic or metal. We strongly advise against feeding peanuts from a plastic mesh bag as birds’ feet can become tangled in the mesh.  View our current range of peanut feeders here 

You may think that suet products are all created equal but they’re not! We only sell suet products that are made with high-quality fat and are made with wholesome ingredients. Products like coco fat feeders and jumbo suet cookies hang up on their own if you wish but items such as British suet balls need a feeder of their own. 

Suet feeders are specially made to hold suet, whether its fat balls, fat feasts or suet nuggets and come in a range of different styles and strengths. Click here to view our current range of suet feeders 

Suet pellets are a quick and easy way to feed suet to your garden birds and are devoured by a huge range of birds such as robins and blackbirds. If you’re unsure which flavour to try, then why not go for our Berry & Insect Suet Pellet Combo? No special feeder is necessary, just scatter on the ground or on a bird table

Water is essential for garden birds at any time of the year, and we always encourage customers to ensure there is a supply of fresh clean water available for not only garden birds, but small animals too. A bird bath or small dish of water left out can literally be a lifesaver for small animals like hedgehogs during spells of hot weather.  

Hygiene around bird tables and bird feeders should be paramount to help stop the spread of disease. Regular cleaning of these products is to be encouraged and part of a bird feeding routine. The Safe4 Trigger Spray is a specially formulated disinfectant & doesn't contain harmful phenols or aldehydes and it's safe for use on all bird feeders, bird tables and nest boxes. 

Putting up a nest box in your garden is a great idea both for the birds and you. From the very first sign of parent birds looking for a suitable home, to the laying of the eggs, to finally watching nestlings and fledglings taking their first steps in a big new world. Try the Multi Nest Box – a great little nest box that even has the option of being an open-fronted nest box for robins or the traditional type for blue tits and a whole variety of garden birds.

 Written by Angela

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