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  • Soft suet balls for garden birds available in boxes of 50 or 100
  • Suet balls containing high quality suet for garden birds
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Great British Suet Balls (no nets)

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Blackbird, Song Thrush, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Long-Tailed Tit, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin, Starling, House Sparrow, Great Spotted Woodpecker

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 Suet Feeder Bird Table

Made with lashings of superior quality British suet, which means they're softer and more palatable plus higher in fat content - just what the birds need.

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Appx. 90g each

Please note: Metal bucket not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Sue Culling (South Benfleet, GB)

Tried other types but the birds love these! The young ones line up on the fence waiting for the parents to feed them. Think they must be adolescents as the parents look smaller (and more straggly) than their young. So funny to watch. They eat 10 a day and would eat more given more I think.

Hello Sue, many thanks for your review.

Lynn McIntosh excellent as usual. (Wellingborough, GB)
birds luv em

Perfect at this time when birds are feeding their young, soft and perfect for young birds, thank you.

Hello Lynn, thank you for this lovely review.

Susanna hawthorne (Rotherham, GB)
Enticing the rarer birds

Your fat balls, both kinds, have enticed long tailed **** and tree sparrows, both rarer in my part of the world, to nest in my garden. Although my feeder is squirrel and very large bird proof, the balls are disappearing at a rate of 4 a day. Your fledge mix is providing the parents with food for their babies and the adults are ravenously eating the fat balls. Last night we had willow warblers, blackbirds, song thrushes, black caps, chiff chaffs, robins, wrens, blue ****, great ****, as well as the long tailed **** and tree sparrows, in our vicinity, due I am convinced to the bird food from you.Thank you for such good quality and variety of food for my feathered friends.

Hello Susanna, thank you for this lovely review. It is wonderful to learn that our products are bringing so many avian species to your garden!

maureen strachan (Hamilton, GB)
fat balls

purchased these for the first time was very dissapointed birds wont touch them they were rock solid so i guess they were to hard for the birds to get into them sorry for this review

Hello Maureen, thank you for sharing your experience. We apologise for any inconvenience you've encountered. Suet consistency can change with the seasons - in colder weather, suet can become firmer and in summer, it can soften. If you have any additional comments or questions, please reach out to us at and a member of the team will be happy to help.

CATHERINE (Birkenhead, GB)
very popular with birds

These are eaten rather more quickly than some of the other fat ball types

Hi Catherine, many thanks for your review.

What are fat balls, and how are they beneficial for birds?

Fat balls are compact feed items made from a mix of fats, seeds, and grains, offering high-energy nutrition essential for birds, especially during colder months or breeding seasons.

Shop fat balls from Haith's for garden birds here

Why choose Haith’s for fat balls?

Our original and cost-effective formula is delivered without nets. These popular fat balls are simple yet incredibly effective. They're adored by birds and bird enthusiasts alike for their versatility. Whether in dedicated feeders, whole on bird tables or diced for smaller birds like tits and finches, Haith's Fat Balls provide high-energy nutrition.

Are Haith's fat balls environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Haith's fat balls are supplied without nets, reducing unnecessary packaging and
promoting environmental friendliness.

Super Value Fat Balls (without nets) FAQs

Can Haith's fat balls be offered year-round?

Yes, they are formulated for year-round feeding, providing consistent nutrition for birds in all seasons.

Do I need a dedicated feeder for Haith's fat balls?

While not necessary, dedicated feeders optimise the feeding experience, preventing wastage and ensuring easy access for birds. Shop our Suet Feeders range here.

How should I store Haith's Fat Balls for Optimal Freshness?

Storing them in a cool, dry place preserves their freshness, ensuring birds receive high-quality nutrition.