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  • Made with lashings of superior quality British suet for wild birds.
  • Each suet ball weights 90g and has a high content of British suet
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Great British Suet Balls (no nets)

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Blackbird, Song Thrush, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Long-Tailed Tit, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin, Starling, House Sparrow, Great Spotted Woodpecker

 Suet Feeder Bird Table

Made with lashings of superior quality British suet, which means they're softer and more palatable plus higher in fat content - just what the birds need.

Appx. 90g each

Please note: Metal bucket not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

Well, the birds find them yummy - I haven't tried them! After buying basic, hard fatballs which were not particularly well-received, these suet balls are a big hit, especially with long-tailed tits, woodpeckers and robins, the latter sitting on the feeder tray (past problems with rats requiring trays under feeders). They do make a sticky, squodgy mess on the tray due to the recent rainfall but regular cleaning helps. I now wouldn't buy any other fatball.

Thank you for this review lovely Sue. It is fantastic to hear that our high quality fat balls have gone down so well in your garden!

Ed Dodman
Fat balls

They aren’t very pretty to look at but the birds don’t care. They absolutely love them

Many thanks for your review. Suet is a great product to feed during the winter- we're so glad your garden birds enjoy it.

Kathleen Brown
Excellent value

Never any left! Speaks for itself. I usually crumble them up as easier to eat when the weather is freezing

Hello Kathleen, thank you for taking the time to write us a review

Very hard

These suet balls have been a previous staple for all of our visitors. Unfortunately the last box I purchased the balls were extremely hard, they were hard before the cold snap we experienced. I also looked at buying just a pack of 6 which were also very hard so did not. Has the recipe changed? Even the jackdaws who normally eat anything weren’t keen!
I have previously reviewed these at 5 stars so disappointed with the last purchase.

Mary Chriscoli
Spoilt Sparrows

My sparrows love the Great British Suet Ball. I had bought the cheaper suet balls ( also without nets) and put them alternately in the holder. They ate all the Great British suet balls and left the cheaper ones until they had no alternative. So I just ordered the nicer ones for them and will do so in future.

Hi Mary, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.