Armchair Naturalist - Nature is certainly making us all happy

Armchair Naturalist - Nature is certainly making us all happy

During these uncertain times, more and more of us are turning to nature and the great outdoors as part of our daily exercise whilst following the government guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of us have lived in the area for years and can’t believe how many different walks we can go on, that we never knew where there, and that our daily exercise is becoming more of a nature adventure.

Two of Haith’s team members, Angela and Chris, put pen to paper back in July 2018 about the growing evidence that the natural world improves our energy levels and reduces anxiety and that more of us are realising that nature makes us feel wonderful.

In this current climate, we are taking to daily walks out around where we live and some of us have even taken to cycling.

My husband is certainly doing that and only this week has been out on his bike for his daily exercise and went to the Nature Reserve close to where we live. Still social distancing.

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I am sure that whatever you are doing to help you through these tough times, we are all taking comfort in the natural world and this is certainly helping with our mental health, well-being and welfare.

We have been very lucky that the weather has been kind to us too and Spring has sprung making everywhere look pretty and full of vibrant colours and we exercise. Whether you are just pottering in your garden cleaning your feeders, being an ‘armchair enthusiast’ enjoying the birds from a distance we are all connecting to nature.

Stay safe, stay well and keep connecting to Nature.

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Written by Andrea Parratt

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