Common Pheasant: Identification, Habitat, and Feeding Tips

Common Pheasant: Identification, Habitat, and Feeding Tips

The Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is a bird in the pheasant family (Phasianidae). The male has iridescent copper-coloured plumage and a long tail.

Its head and neck are green, though the throat and cheeks are a glossy purple, and the face and wattle are red. They are also recognised by their call which is a far-carrying harsh sound "korr kok". The female is slightly different and is buff coloured with dark brown markings.

The Pheasant is mainly seen singly in open spaces and open wooded areas in the Country. However, it will on occasions wander close to suburban gardens but is very nervous in its behaviour. Although a relatively heavy bird, it's capable of taking to flight quickly with a sprint and lots of noise from vigorous flapping. 

It roosts at night in trees, often with others of its kind.

They have a varied diet of grain, berries, insects, worms, grass, and fruit. They will forage for food on the ground and occasionally in trees and hedgerows. They are better than some birds at dealing with winter, and will readily scratch through inches of snow for grit, grain residues, and weed seeds.

A great way to attract the Pheasants is with Haith's Garden Pheasant mix. It's a variety of wheat, milo, barley, white dari, cut maize and fine oystershell grit to aid digestion and provide extra calcium. Pheasants aren't generally fussy - scatter a little seed daily on the ground, and they'll make short work of consuming it.

Another hot mix that they enjoy is Haith's Original Wild Bird Food; it also contains the grains Pheasants love.

The common Pheasant


Written by Tina Jakes


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