Why choose Safe4 disinfectant for your garden?

Why Choose Safe4 Disinfectant?

Our Safe 4 Disinfectant Range has been tested by independent laboratories and meets with all the accreditation standards. Buy now from just £3.60
Safe4 disinfectant is used worldwide and has been available on the market over twenty years.

Safe4 concentrate disinfectant is DEFRA approved to kill avian Flu and Tuberculosis.

There is an extensive tried and tested range to try; ranging from disinfectant cleaners, disinfectant wipes, odour killers and even a bactericidal scrub to name but a few. There is no need to wash away with water after an application and it can be immediately brought into direct contact with animals, while still wet, which makes it perfect for bird feeders and bird tables.

Safe4 is non-toxic; non-corrosive; non-staining; non-tainting and it’s a non-irritant. It’s kinder to the environment than standard disinfectants as it’s water-based and biodegradable, and doesn’t contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol.

Safe4 regularly conducts research with its supply base and receives many positive comments from animal experts including veterinary & conservation, zoos, public health, cage & aviary bird-keeping enthusiasts plus animal and poultry farms.

The Haith’s team also conducted field trials away from the business and were all very impressed and excited with the results. 'I found the Safe4 disinfectant trigger sprays really easy to use on bird feeders and bird tables,' says Chris Smith of Haith's. 'Practising good personal hygiene and regularly cleaning bird care equipment is important where large numbers of different bird species are likely to be gathering, and Safe4 keeps birds healthy.'

Safe4 is manufactured in the UK and efficacy tested by recognised UK laboratories. If you feel you can benefit from the range, then why not purchase some today. 

Written by Chris Smith

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