How to achieve a quick healthy moult

How to achieve a quick healthy moult

Birds which are in good condition don’t stick in the moult, they get through it quickly and thus maintains their stamina.

Birds fed on Condition Seed have greater resistance to ill effects at the moult and they come through it rapidly and with finer plumage. Condition Seed is our top tip for healthy moulting and it’s available with and without rape seed.

1). Feed conditioning seeds

Condition Seed

Condition Seed™

Aviary-housed birds such as Canaries, Hybrids and British birds find the high fat content of Condition Seed with Rape invaluable all year round – especially during winter. It’s beneficial and invaluable during the breeding season and helps prevent sticking during the moult – to promote healthy moulting.

Condition Seed No Rape

Condition Seed™ - No Rape

All the qualities of our famous Condition Seed but without the high fat content of rapeseed. Feed to Canaries, Hybrids and British birds all year round and especially during breeding and moulting to take the strain out of the casting of old feathers and the production of new ones.

After the physiological strain of breeding, parent birds may be liable to exhaustion and also will have commenced their moult. This is certainly the most stressful time for birds - particularly in the wild as they are inhibited by loss of feathers and their flying ability. Fortunately, captive birds have fewer threats from predation but, nevertheless, they still maintain their natural territorial space around them and can still be stressed by their caged colleagues. They will be helped through their moult by offering softfood two or three times a week, though.

2). Feed Softfoods two or three times a week


3). Restore colour

Will your bird catch the Judge's eye?

Robin Red Colour food for birds

Robin Red®
When colour counts – the right the right colour food may be the deciding factor. The outstanding colour of birds fed on ROBIN RED will always catch the judge’s eye. For colour that wins prizes – feed ROBIN RED. 

Ready Mixed Colour Food

Ready Mixed

 Ready Mixed is the EASY way to colour and condition. Haith’s Ready Mixed Colour Food is preferred by many breeders as it's safe and easy to feed to Canaries, British Finches and Hybrids.

4). Feed tonics to help birds revive & thrive

Kraker Tonic Grains for cage birds

"Kraker" Tonic Grains

“KRAKER” The tonic seed mixture that ACTS FAST. Successful bird-keepers have known for years that “Kraker” Tonic Grains are invaluable as a reviver following the strains of breeding and moulting for Canaries, Hybrids and British and Foreign Finches. Each seed in “Kraker” has been selected for their health-giving and invigorating properties. This is undoubtedly a super tonic for birds.

Budgie Tonic Seed for cage birds

Budgie Tonic Seed

Tone up birds for early shows with Haith’s famous Budgie Tonic Seed. Budgie Tonic Seed has helped budgie-breeders get their birds in show condition for many years and the valuable collection of nutritious condition seeds help budgies stay fit, healthy and virile. Young birds, too, benefit from this tonic seed. Its valuable collection of conditioning seeds help budgies over the difficult period between breeding and the show bench.

5). Don't neglect to feed calcium

Red Factor Canary Food

Red Factor™ Canary Food

Coloured Canaries require special treatment prior to and during moult and may in addition be fed Red Factor Canary Food with the addition of Carophyll* Red or Orange (as Red Factor does not contain Carophyll TM).

Cuttlefish Bone

Cuttlefish Bone

Don’t neglect the importance of feeding Calcium Every cage and every aviary needs a constant supply of CUTTLEFISH BONE to provide the calcium (Ca) lacking in a seed eater’s diet.

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