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  • Prosecto Insectivorous™ is a unique time-tested softfood used by bird-keeping experts (and zoos) and is an invaluable supplement to many seed-eating birds' diets.
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Prosecto Insectivorous™

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It's good, it's wholesome, it's naturally nutritious, low in iron, and adequate in natural calcium (Ca). Show-winning condition demands Prosecto Insectivorous because it's THE natural soft food of choice for British and Foreign softbills.

Prosecto Insectivorous™ is a unique time-tested softfood used by bird-keeping experts (and zoos) and is an invaluable supplement to many seed-eating birds' diets, especially during the breeding season.

Prosecto is also of great benefit to breeding Canaries.

Working closely with zoo nutrition professionals, we launched an avian bird diet scholarship and uncovered ways to further improve Prosecto..

The nutrition scholarship revealed:

“The birds studied were significantly more visible (that is, less out-of-sight) when they were feeding on Prosecto than when they were eating. This could mean that they have had more time to be seen by visitors – an important part of a zoo’s conservation and educational message. Feeding, flying, locomotion on the ground and being mildly vigilant were all significantly increased. The results indicate that Prosecto does promote the display of those natural behaviours that are not related to breeding.”

“Many different species of birds are kept in captivity, many of which are omnivorous, faunivorous or insectivorous. Haith’s Prosecto feed has shown itself to be as good in terms of quality as an egg-based patee. Prosecto may be a better choice if the brand would reduce the iron contents (see below under 'reduced iron levels') and increase the calcium amounts. It proved to be palatable to the birds and has a preferred macronutrient makeup that is suitable for faunivorous birds. While the birds under study were fed Prosecto, they were less out of sight and more frequently performed feeding, flying, locomoting and mildly vigilant behaviours.”

Reduced iron levels: So with iron levels lowered and calcium (Ca) levels increased we feel we have a market-leading soft food which will improve your bird-keeping results.



Iron 89 mg/kg

Calcium (Ca) 0.45%

Nutritional Information

Protein: 23.9
Fibre: 7.2
Ash: 4.09
Moisture: 11.30
Fat: 16.4

Composition: Composition: Haith's supreme soft foods; bakery products, cereals, seeds, sugar and honey, minerals, oils and fats, vegetable protein products, fruits, yeast, molluscs & crustaceans.

Note: The term 'insectivorous' refers to the species of bird whose diet consists primarily of eating invertebrates and soft foods. EG: Prosecto for Insectivorous birds. The invertebrates included in this diet are molluscs and crustaceans.

Please note: Bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Customer Reviews

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Clive Taylor
Very tasty

This food is very popular with all birds. They clear it up very quickly.

Thank you Clive for taking the time to write us a review.

Simon hsines

"Most importantly the birds ate it, good stuff."

George Ikin
Haith's Prosecto

"The best seeds in the uk."

Martin Staff

"A very good product all my birds like it. There's very little waste"