Collection: Bird Seeds and Foods for Cage & Aviary Birds

Welcome to Haith's Complete Collection of Cage Bird Seeds – Where Quality Meets Variety. 

Step into the world of Haith's bird food and discover a treasure trove of premium cage bird seeds. Our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality, variety, and the health of your birds. From the vibrant chirps of canaries to the melodic songs of finches, our extensive range caters to the unique dietary needs of different cage birds. Each seed blend is meticulously formulated to ensure optimal nutrition, promoting the well-being and vitality of your birds and we SuperClean every seed. Explore our selection and find the perfect mix to keep your cage birds happy, healthy, and full of life!


Bird Seeds and Foods for Cage & Aviary Birds

You're safe with Haith's

With years of expertise in bird seed blending and cleaning, our specialists are not only knowledgeable about cage bird seed diets but also well-versed in the needs of wild birds. In fact, we have gained a reputation for crafting some of the finest wild bird seed mixes in the UK. Our premium seed mixes are ideal for a wide range of bird enthusiasts.

Whether you are an experienced bird keeper, a bird breeder, or a pet bird owner with budgies, canaries, British and foreign birds, or exotic parrots and parrot-like cage birds, our blends cater to the diverse needs of your feathered companions.

When it comes to bird food, quality matters. Cheaper options in the market often compromise on cleanliness, neglecting the potential harm that dusty diets can cause to your beloved pet bird. We encourage you to consider the well-being of your feathered friend before making a purchase.

At Haith's, we prioritise the welfare of birds above all else. Choose Haith's for bird seed and bird food that's crafted with care, ensuring the health and happiness of your birds. Join us in experiencing the Fresh and SuperClean difference that defines Haith's commitment to avian nutrition.

Tailored nutritional seeds for every bird

Whether you're caring for budgies, canaries, finches, or other British birds, our collection of bird seeds & mixes offers the right nutrition for each species. Our blends cater to specific dietary requirements, promoting health, vitality, and vibrant plumage.

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What makes Haith's bird seed mixes ideal for a range of bird species?

Haith's bird seed mixes are formulated with a diverse range of high-quality seeds, catering to the specific dietary needs of various bird species. Whether for budgies, canaries, or exotic birds, each mix provides a balanced combination of nutrients essential for health, vitality, and plumage. 

How does Haith's ensure the cleanliness and safety of its bird seed?

At Haith's, we follow a rigorous 'SuperClean' process. This involves thorough cleaning to remove dust, debris, and extraneous materials, ensuring that our bird seeds are safe, digestible, and healthy. Our commitment to cleanliness helps prevent respiratory issues in birds and maintains the highest standards of seed purity.

Can I mix different Haith's bird seeds for a custom diet?

Yes, you can mix different Haith's bird seeds to create a custom diet tailored to your birds' needs. This allows for greater nutritional diversity and can cater to the specific preferences or requirements of various bird species, especially when managing birds with different dietary needs in multi-species aviaries.

What are the benefits of including Sunflower Seeds in bird diets?

Sunflower Seeds are a rich source of energy, proteins, and essential fatty acids, beneficial for birds' health. They help in promoting vibrant plumage, supporting cardiovascular health, and providing essential nutrients. However, they should be offered in balance with other seeds to ensure a well-rounded diet.