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  • The classic bird dining station. A robust design,  premium black feeding station with brackets, a water dish and mesh tray. Available from Haith's.
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Classic Bird Dining Station

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Introducing our Classic Bird Dining Station, an enchanting and practical addition to your garden created to cater to the diverse dining preferences of your garden birds. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, this bird dining station offers an all-inclusive solution to create a delightful bird-friendly haven in your outdoor space.

The enduring and robust design of the Classic Bird Dining Station features multiple hanging points, allowing you to customise the station with a variety of bird feeders. This versatility enables you to diversify the types of food offered, transforming the station into a central hub where different bird species can congregate, fostering a lively and communal atmosphere.

Constructed from durable materials, this dining station is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions, ensuring its longevity in your garden. The adjustable height feature adds flexibility, allowing you to tailor the dining station to accommodate various bird species and their feeding habits.

Setting up the Classic Bird Dining Station is a straightforward task, and it arrives with all the necessary components for easy assembly. With its stable base and elegant design, this dining station becomes a focal point in your garden, imparting a touch of sophistication while providing practical and accessible dining options for your garden birds.

The Classic Bird Dining Station allows you to offer multiple feeders from a central location. This classic design, coupled with durability and thoughtful features, stands as a timeless choice for bird enthusiasts seeking an easy and effective way to attract and nourish a diverse array of garden birds in their outdoor sanctuary. Hang your preferred feeders, sit back, and revel in the lively avian activity that unfolds around this welcoming and functional bird dining station.

Total height 220cm


Four-part heavy-duty metal pole

Double bracket with spiral finial

Seed tray

Water dish

Small bracket

Easy to assemble – no tools required.

Excludes bird feeders and food.

Not compatible with the Patio Stand

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