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  • SuperClean seeds containing wheat and pearl barley  for doves, fancy pigeons, pheasants and bantams.
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Dovecote and A1 Fancy Pigeon Mixture

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Indulge your pigeons and doves with our premium Dovecote and A1 Fancy Pigeon Mixture, a highly favoured blend specially designed to cater to the unique dietary needs of these birds. Renowned for its popularity among pigeons and doves, this meticulously crafted mixture is a preferred choice for bird enthusiasts seeking to provide doves and pigeons in their gardens with a high-quality and well-balanced diet. This mix is particularly suitable for Fantail Doves and ornamental pigeons. 

Dovecote and A1 Fancy Pigeon Mixture goes beyond the ordinary, offering a blend that aligns with the specific nutritional requirements of these distinctive bird varieties. Doves and pigeons, thrive on a diet that is both nourishing and appealing, and our specialised mixture is crafted to meet these specific needs.

The carefully selected combination of seeds ensures that your doves and pigeons not only receive essential nutrients but also enjoy a delightful and satisfying meal. The mixture is a harmonious balance of flavours and textures, providing a diverse array of seeds that contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of these beautiful garden birds.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the adaptability of our bird seed recipes. While these recipes may change without notice to align with crop availability, rest assured that we will always select a suitable seed replacement. 

Choose Dovecote and A1 Fancy Pigeon Mixture to provide proper care and nourishment to pigeons and doves. Scatter a fair amount on the ground, and watch as pigeons and doves thrive on this specially crafted blend.