A Guide to Choosing a Nest Box

A Guide to Choosing a Nest Box

There are few things more satisfying or entertaining than having birds take to a nest box that you have put up. Ideally, no garden should be devoid of a bird house (or two), especially if there aren’t any trees with “natural” hollows. Why not save the birds some time and trouble by providing a ready to move into nest box?

Giant Robin Nester

A Giant Robin Nester

Our new nest box range includes the Giant Robin Nester. It's not for giant Robins, though. It's made from brushwood with a strong sturdy inner frame and has internal fixing loops. Small garden birds (the size of Robins and wagtails) prefer an open-fronted nest box. With a height of 250mm and being 160mm wide, it will make a cosy home.

Antique Cream/Grey Nest Box

Antique cream and grey nest box

If you have a modern stylish garden, the Antique Cream/Grey nest box is perfect as it's contemporary yet practical and safe for birds. It's suitable for any small bird - like the tit family - as it has an entrance hole of approximately 28mm, and being 28.5cm in height this is no lightweight box. It's supplied with a hanging hoop and will make a desirable property for your upwardly mobile feathered friends.

Sparrow Tower

Sparrow Tower

In recent years the sparrow population has declined and one theory for this decline is the absence of traditional nesting places. This gregarious bird happily lives in colonies which is why the sparrow tower looks altogether different from standard nest boxes. This three-tier tower suits their communal living and being made from FSC certified timber it’s been constructed with environmental issues in mind too. Three separate sections, each with their own door for ease of cleaning, make this an ideal, safe home. It’s a spacious 51cm high and 14cm wide.

Giant Bird Nester

Giant Bird Nester

If the rustic, natural look is what you’re after then our new Giant Bird Nester is both traditional looking, naturally inspired, and practical. The small round entrance has a rattan doorstep which doubles up as a landing platform and a porch, which is designed to keep rain away from the entrance hole. Perfect for roosting or nesting small birds and at 250mm high this gorgeous nest will look natural in your garden and makes a great home for the breeding season.

Tit Family Nest Box

Tit nesting box

If more traditional nest boxes are more your style then our Classic Robin Open Bird House, Tit Family Nest Box and Open Robin Nest Box could be for you. Both Robin Nest Boxes are also suitable for wrens, blackbirds, and pied wagtails. The 28mm Tit Family Nest Box has the added benefit of a side opening for cleaning and will also help to attract house and tree sparrows.

Ceramic Swallow Nest

Ceramic Swallow Nest Box

If Swallows nest nearby it's easy to help them find a safe home with a Ceramic Swallow Nest. Made from unglazed ceramic with an FSC timber mounting board. Please note that this should be sited as high up as possible; inside buildings such as porches and barns with an unobstructed access through doors or windows. Swallows are sociable birds but if you purchase more than one please place no closer than one metre apart. Our Swallow nest is 130mm high, 210mm wide and 120mm deep, a sturdy nest box that should see Swallows returning every year.

Ceramic House Martin Bowl

House Marin nest Box

Our Ceramic House Martin Bowl are made from ceramic and mounted on an FSC timber board. These should be placed on north and east facing walls, placed in groups under the horizontal or sloping eaves of houses or barns.

Schwegler Double House Martin Nest

House Martin Nest Box

Our double Schwegler House Martin Nest is a bowl-shaped nest made of air permeable wood-concrete and a backing board made of exterior grade, formaldehyde-free chipboard to prevent warping. Again, this should be placed as high as possible under the eaves of your house. At £29.95 you will not be disappointed as if they use it they'll probably come back every year, imagine that!

Schwegler Spherical Wren House

Schwegler Spherical Wren House

Wrens are one of Haith’s favourite birds and we have the perfect home for them to nest in. The Schwegler Spherical Wren House with its speckled exterior blends well with garden foliage providing a well-hidden nest site. For Wrens, place near the ground in hedges or bushes but for other birds that nest in holes and cavities. Made from woodcrete this will last for years. Its measurements are diameter: approx 18.5cm, width of entry hole: 30x27mm, cable length: approx 20cm.

Schwegler Open Fronted Next Box

Open fronted nest box

Another two products of our Schwegler range are the Open Fronted Robin Box and the Schwegler 32mm Nest Box. The robin box is a robust brown and white design and is also suitable for blackbirds, flycatchers, pied wagtails and thrushes. The 32mm nest box is available in both green and brown, very easy to hang from a wall or tree as it comes supplied complete with aluminium nail for safe fixing. Both of these are sturdy and will not rot or warp.

Classic 32mm Dark Wood Nest Box


Made from FSC timber our Classic 32mm dark wood nest box has the added extra value of a multi-faced, removable front to allow access to Robins and is also suitable for Great Tits and sparrows. Measurements: 8" H x 4.5" D x 4.6" W – a conventional simple design, this would look great in both a modern and traditional garden.

There are a few rules about where to site bird houses: not where cats or squirrels can easily get at them; not in full sun - where the chicks might literally bake, and not too close together (if you are putting up more than one). And definitely never position a nest box near a bird feeder as birds will spend all their time defending their home.

We recommend that you give the birds a choice and put up two or three inexpensive bird houses around the garden. It is unlikely that all of them will be occupied, but it certainly improves the chances of something moving in.

Have fun and enjoy making space for nature.

Written by Angela and Chris

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