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Fat balls for birds

Suet is a firm favourite with garden birds and is available in many different shapes and sizes and is usually readily available.

Fat balls help to support metabolism and provide your garden birds with sufficient energy to help them, not only during the breeding season, but also throughout the winter months.

Usually made from lard/suet, nuts, cereals, and sunflower they are a very popular way of feeding suet and will help to attract blue tits, great tits, dunnocks, long-tailed tits, and robins.

 Not all suet products and fat balls are created equal but please be assured that our suet products contain high-quality fat and are made with wholesome ingredients. Please also be advised never to feed suet balls that are covered in mesh. They are a health hazard to small birds who can quickly become entangled in the mesh.

Suet and fat balls can either be hung in an appropriate suet feeder, crushed on the ground or on a bird table or simply group four or five fat balls together in your garden and sit back and watch the birds swoop down and start to feed.

Great British Suet Balls are made with lashings of superior British suet, which means they’re softer and more palatable plus higher in fat content. Available in various denominations such as packs of six, boxes of fifty or two boxes of fifty. These are very popular with our customers and literally do fly off our packing shelves. We really do think that you will see a noticeable increase in bird activity in your garden and come highly recommended.

Super Value Fat Balls are affordable and effective. These are excellent value for money and will disappear from your garden faster than you can put them out. They are super popular both with customers and birds alike.

Jumbo Suet Cookies are another way of feeding suet. These are just as you imagine, flat and round just like a cookie. They come with dried mealworms on top and also a piece of handy twine, so you also get the option of hanging them up if you do not wish to place them on a bird table.

Fat balls should be hung in the shade and out of direct sunlight because although the fat balls are unlikely to melt, bacteria may form under the heat.

Feeding birds is sometimes the only way that people have interaction with wildlife and by putting out fat balls you are helping supply your garden birds with a nutritious snack.

Written by Angela

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