Kids eat first

Kids eat first

We always knew Huskfree Advance with Dried Mealworms was going to be popular when we put our heads together years ago and designed this special mix. With contents such as Sunflower Hearts and Dried Mealworms, bird food doesn’t really get any better.

It’s enriched with calcium too so it’s full of year-round goodness especially for young birds just starting out in life.

These two clips were taken by Haith’s friend and customer, Mrs Downing from her garden in Yorkshire. Just look at the young starling being fed from its parent. It’s picking out the delicious and nutritious Dried Mealworms and ends up noisily begging for more.


The second clip shows the youngster calmly and patiently waiting on the nearby fence while its parent takes its own time to finally eat.

Starlings have a bad reputation because they can empty bird feeders and stations at an alarming rate. Starlings never dine alone as they have evolved to feed quickly in flocks. They’re not to blame for this, so let’s enjoy them in all their splendour. Their numbers are also in serious decline all over the UK and now have red UK conservation status. They need our help, so please continue to feed them.

Do you have any similar clips? If so, we’d love to see them and share them with our customers.  Please send them over to us at

Written by Angela

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I had a pair of starlings visit our bird feeding station in the winter. Since then, they are constant visitors, with their four babies. They are eating our fat balls (together with tits and robins) at a truly alarming rate, but since they are in decline, we will look on it as a privilege! We have goldfinches eating the Niger seed, great tits, blue tits ,long tailed tits, spotted woodpeckers and parakeets eating the peanuts, and various other species eating the wild bird mixes. We are in Croydon, south-east London, so the variety of birds is amazing. We have wrens, sparrows, sometimes a pair of nuthatches, blackbirds, and occasionally see a thrush.


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