Pinecones - A Symbol of Autumn

Pinecones - A Symbol of Autumn

Pinecones are the woody fruiting body and reproductive organ of pine trees. They come from the conifer family and grow on different types of pine trees such as Black Pine, Scots Pine, spruces and firs. These trees are typically evergreen with cones and needle-like or scale-like leaves.

They mostly fall to the ground in autumn, and can usually be found under conifer trees, scattering the woodland floor among crunchy fallen leaves and pine needles. The time they fall also coincides with wildlife needing a little extra help to get through the colder months, and the best place to look for them is in woods, parks, and gardens.


As pinecones break down, they release nutrients that can be beneficial to your plants. They are like a palace for ladybirds as they are always in search of small spaces to crawl, you can even add them to a bug hotel for other minibeasts to explore.

Gathering pinecones can be rewarding for both adults and children alike and it can be fun finding different ways to use them. They can simply be placed in a vase or a bowl giving your home a cosy ambience, or depending how artistic you are, they can be used to create a whole host of decorations. For example, an animal creature, garland, wreath, bauble… The list is endless! You could even add other craft materials for a colourful twist.

Pinecones in a Vase

Pinecones in a vase

Pinecone Owl

Pinecone owl

Pinecone Christmas Trees

Pinecone Christmas trees

As you can see from the pictures above, pinecones can be used in many different ways. Let your imagination run wild and go get creative with pinecones. Have fun!

Written by Tina Jakes

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