Group photo of Professor John Cooper, Chris Snell and members of the Lincs Budgie Society

Exploring the World of Budgies: An Evening with Prof. John E. Cooper & Chris Snell

This week the Lincolnshire Budgie Society had the honour of hosting Professor John E Cooper, along with his wife Margaret, a distinguished wildlife lawyer, for a captivating meeting on the world of budgerigars from the Haith's bird food centre in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Photograph of Professor Cooper and his wife Margaret Cooper

Joining them was champion budgie breeder Chris Snell, adding another layer of expertise to the gathering. Held at Haith's, the event offered not only enlightening discussions but also warm hospitality and refreshments, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Photograph of Professor John Cooper and champion budgie breeder Chris Snell

Before the presentation, the Lincolnshire Budgie Society held their regular meeting, Chaired by Chris Snell (President of the Budgerigar Society). 

Professor Cooper's presentation, which followed the introduction, explored various facets of budgerigar behaviour, ecology, and conservation, held the audience spellbound from the outset. His wealth of knowledge, accompanied by Margaret Cooper's insights, illuminated the room as they shared their experiences and passion for wildlife and animal conservation.

The evening began with Professor Cooper's engaging talk, offering attendees a deeper understanding of these charming birds and underscoring the importance of safeguarding their natural habitats. Amidst the discussions, guests had the opportunity to mingle and exchange thoughts, fuelled by hot drinks and cakes kindly provided by Haith's team members during the break.

Group photograph of members of the Lincolnshire Budgie Society

A highlight of the event was Professor Cooper's engaging demonstration and audience participation, where he utilised a microscope to unveil intricate details of budgie anatomy, sparking curiosity and fostering hands-on exploration among the society members.

Photograph of Professor John Cooper showing members of the Lincolnshire Budgie Society a piece of paper with image on


Group photograph of Margaret Cooper, Chris Snell, Professor John Cooper and members of the Lincs Budgie Society

The evening concluded with a spirited question and answer session, facilitated by Professor Cooper, Margaret Cooper and Chris Snell, where attendees delved deeper into topics surrounding budgies and wildlife conservation. Their expertise left a lasting impression, inspiring all present to renew their commitment to the well being and preservation of these beloved birds.

Image of Professor Cooper standing next to Chris Snell talking to the members of the Lincolnshire Budgie Society

The event proved to be a resounding success, blending education, entertainment, and camaraderie seamlessly. The Lincolnshire Budgie Society extends its heartfelt gratitude to Professor John E Cooper, Margaret, Chris Snell, and the team at Haith's for their invaluable contributions in making this evening possible.


Photograph of Chris Snell and Professor John Cooper inside Haith's office prior to regarding their podcast

With newfound enthusiasm and appreciation, attendees departed with a heightened awareness of budgerigars and a strengthened dedication to conservation efforts on their behalf.

The photo above was taken the next day during a podcast session entitled 'Budgie Brilliant' - coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts. 

Written by Julianne

"The directors extend heartfelt gratitude to John and Margaret Cooper for graciously accepting the invitation to lecture at the Lincolnshire Budgerigar Society (LBS) event. Their expertise and insights were invaluable. We also wish to acknowledge the enthusiastic participation of the LBS members, which greatly contributed to the success of the event. Special thanks to the amazing team at Haith's for their impeccable preparation and warm hospitality, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. Your collective efforts made the event memorable. Thank you all!" - Simon King. 

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