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Haith’s Budgie Tonic Seed

Haith’s Budgie Tonic Seed: Benefits and Feeding Guide

Haith’s Budgie Tonic is one of the company’s bestselling seed mixes. It’s popular with many top Budgerigar fanciers and those on their way up the success-ladder, throughout the UK.

Why feed Haith’s Budgie Tonic?

It’s a special mix of seeds plus some dried spinach that has been formulated over many years to bring and keep budgies in tip top condition. Many breeders use Haith’s Budgie Tonic to bring budgies into breeding condition and a great number of fanciers will tell you that it’s a vital part of their preparation for the breeding season. Its fed to bring the birds into condition, keep them fit while they are breeding and probably even more important for budgies, just before and during the moult. In fact – it’s the perfect addition to the basic diet throughout the whole year if YOU want to keep your budgies in peak fitness!
Bowl of budgie tonic seed

Haith’s Budgie Tonic is such a great addition to a good quality Budgie Mix. It can be fed mixed into the basic diet but most fanciers will feed it separately in dishes and some will even sprinkle on the floor of the cage or flight as a treat for the birds every day.

Walk into a Haith’s Budgerigar-Fed birdroom and you will be able to smell that Haith’s Budgie Tonic Seed with that characteristic aniseed smell – that both the fanciers love – and the birds too!!

Budgie Tonic Seed
Budgies enjoy Haith budgie Tonic Seed
Feeding Haith’s Budgie Tonic to your birds 2-3 times a week is not the only reason for you having a great breeding season but whatever your last breeding season was like – it’s sure to be better when you are feeding Haith’s Budgie Tonic.

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Written by Fred Wright

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