Wayne Maltby catch

Catch Report - Part 2

My first night on a new syndicate I've joined produced this spotless fat bellied upper double common.

Wayne Maltby Catch

As I cast my ever-trusted balanced double black Tiger Nut rig into the depths, it danced over a bed of simple yet potent bait. A concoction of a dozen tigers, mingled with boilie chops, an equal measure of Haith's Super Mix, the pungent allure of chili hemp, and the sweetness of corn, all marinated in the tantalizing essence of Haith's Robin Red and Chili.

The moment that fat belly broke the surface, I knew I had found a winning formula. The satisfaction of landing that beauty was compounded when shortly after, another smaller common succumbed to my irresistible bait. In the quiet hours of that night, under the watchful gaze of the stars, I felt a sense of kinship with the water, knowing that my method had been validated.

As the dawn painted the sky in hues of pink and gold, I reflected on the simplicity of it all. In the world of angling, where innovations and complexities abound, sometimes it's the straightforward approach that yields the greatest results. "Keep things simple," I whispered to myself, a mantra for success echoing across the tranquil waters. Indeed, as the saying goes, "It's Easy."

With the promise of future sessions shimmering on the horizon, I cast my line once more, infused with renewed confidence and anticipation. Tight lines, I thought, embracing the rhythm of the water and the mysteries it held within.


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Written by Wayne Maltby

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