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CC Moore & Co Ltd

As Carp fishing continues to grow and the associated markets develop across the World in conjunction with the widespread use of the internet, established companies' brands, products and intellectual property become more exposed to counterfeiting and exploitation.

Over the years we have seen products such as Haith's legendary ROBIN RED® fall foul of these practices in the UK as well as overseas and applaud John E Haith's for their new strategy to ensure that those customers who wish to buy the original Haith's ROBIN RED product, and others in their range, can be sure they are doing so.

Haith's Robin Red Licence NumberFor many years, ROBIN RED has been a key component in successful Carp bait recipes used by anglers around the World and still plays an important role in the attraction profile of our own Meteor bait as well as those produced by a number of our home bait-making customers.

As with all products in the CC Moore range, we insist on supplying only the highest quality, tried and tested products to our customers and are pleased to receive recognition as a licensed supplier of Haith's products.

Ian Moore Director - CC Moore & Co Ltd

Written by Ian Moore - CC Moore

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