How to Create Customised or Cultured Hookbaits: Updated Guide

How to Create Customised or Cultured Hookbaits: Updated Guide

Wednesday, 4th July 2018

A quick update on how to create your own customized or cultured hookbaits

An Update:

You may recall the following article, part of which showed you how to create your own customized or cultured hookbaits.

So just as a quick update I thought you might like to see how the baits made for that piece have stood the test of time (well, about three months anyway).

Circular green fishing bait laid out on a baking tray.

As discussed in the article I made my own baits and mentioned that they should be used within two weeks or thereafter be frozen. Well, in the hope that maybe I was being a bit cautious of the shelf life aspect, I kept a few baits back to play with and I have been very pleasantly surprised.

Circular fishing bait on a hook.

The baits in the original article were made over three months ago so recently I decided to check a couple over to see if they were still intact and mould-free. I noticed that they had hardened up considerably and a baiting needle made hard work of piercing one. In fact I resorted to a bait screw in the end.

Green fishing bait dissolving in water.

Next, I popped the baited rig into a glass bowl of tap water. As you can see the culture started to break down within about 15 minutes…

Hook in water, with dissolving bait.

…and after half and hour it has broken down almost completely to create a lovely little pile of attraction right next to the hookbait.

A man holding a giant carp fish.

Written by Ken Townley

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"Gobsmacked By Honeyred" by Edward Mukungurutse
25 Jul 2018

1st time blogger and 1st time user of Haith's stuff.

On 21.07.2018 I visited Bury Hill Fisheries in Dorking and had a go on Bond's Lake which is a Carp water. I had never fished Bonds before and even more importantly had never used the Haiths baits or recipes (I am normally a CC Moore user).

The night before my trip I made a mix as described by Ken on the 3-in-1 blog. To this I added some pre-digested fishmeal powder...and some liquid garlic. Yes, garlic.

I then made up small PVA bags which were then lightly dipped in liquid Robin Red before each cast. Over the top, I was sprinkling the Super Soft Robin Red pellets little and often.

I blanked for the 1st hour.

And then all hell broke loose. I have never had such savage bite after savage bite in any session on any water anywhere. It got to a stage (around 7:00pm) when it was literally "a bite a chuck" and my arms began to hurt!

Thank you to everyone at Haith's. Sincerely and genuinely.

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