Robin Red – "Beware of imitations," says Bill Cottam of Nutrabaits

Robin Red – "Beware of imitations," says Bill Cottam of Nutrabaits

Thursday, 3rd January 2013

Bill Cottam would only ever use Haith's genuine Robin Red in his baits and has done so for a number of years as he explains in this article...

"The legendary Robin Red® has played a huge part in the success of numerous carp baits for more years than I care to remember; indeed we have been buying this highly effective product from Haith’s of Cleethorpes since Nutrabaits was formed in 1986-7. In the old days I used to hire a van and drive the hour and a half over to Cleethorpes and collect our orders, but more recently Haith’s tend to deliver Robin Red and the other products that we purchase from them directly into our Rotherham warehouse.

One thing that has never changed is the quality and effectiveness of Robin Red as an ingredient for carp baits and in addition to supplying it as a raw material, we continue to include it in our Big Fish Mix and Ener-vite recipes.

As some of you are no doubt aware, there are several pale imitations of Robin Red doing the rounds in the bait industry and Haith’s are rightly very protective of their exclusive product and are starting to become very keen that the bait buying public should be fully informed as to who is and isn’t using the pukka product...

With that in mind I am happy to report that all bait companies who are deemed - by Haith’s - to be legitimate Robin Red buyers and users will now be issued with a licence number that can be included on the labels of products that contain the genuine article. Nutrabaits is the first company in the UK to be issued with the new, official Robin Red licence and logo.

We wholeheartedly applaud Haith’s stance on this issue and all relevant Nutrabaits labels will include our licence number in the very near future."

Bill Cottam
MD - Nutrabaits

Robin Red® is a registered trade mark of John E Haith Ltd.

PLEASE NOTE: Our list of approved bait companies that regularly purchase Robin Red from us can be viewed, however, the exclusive licence and logo will only be awarded to those bait companies who comply with Haith's terms and conditions.

Written by Bill Cottam

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