Robin Red Part Two: Effective Usage Tips for Anglers

Robin Red Part Two: Effective Usage Tips for Anglers

Friday, 26th March 2010

Though the famous “red stuff” is more commonly (and rightly) known as an ingredient that is added to boiled bait recipes, in fact Robin Red® has far more applications that that!

Here are just a couple of ideas to get you going, the rest is up to your imagination.

We all know the pulling power of hempseed, but have you ever tried adding Robin Red to a bucket of hemp?

Hempseed on weighing scales.

Measure out a pint of dry (unprepared) hempseed. This weighs roughly 11 ounces.

Salt on a red measuring spoon.

Now add 5g sea salt.

Hempseed husks with visible white piths.

Cook the hempseed as you would normally do, so that the grains start to split and show the white pith inside the husk.

Large bag of Haith's Robin Red.

Now take a bag of neat Robin Red…make sure you do not settle for any pale imitations.

A red measuring spoon with Robin Red above hempseed.

Add 5-10g of Robin Red to the still warm hempseed.

A dark red fishing blend of Robin Red and hempseed.

Stir the Robin Red into the hempseed. Note the fantastic aroma that comes off bait as you do so! Here is the finished Robin Red Hempseed.

Hand holding blended Robin Red and hempseed.

The bait is now ready to be introduced into the swim. This is best done with a spod, but if you are fishing a margin swim you can, of course, put it in by hand.

Scales with mini-maize next to a measuring jug.

You can perform the same wizardry with mini-maize. Simply weight out a pint of the dry grains. (Note: A pint will weigh more than hempseed.) Soak the grains overnight in salted water.

Hand holding yellow maize grains.

Cook the grains for 30 minutes, until they start to split.

Hand holding maize covered in Robin Red.

Stir in 10g of pure Robin Red. The Robin Red-treated mini-maize is now ready to use.

Hook with red fishing bait attached.

This simple rig will definitely bring carp to your net.

Red measuring spoon with Robin Red in front of egg yolk and white.

Robin Red paste baits and groundbait balls are idea for bagging up on runs waters. Simply break the required number of eggs into a bowl and then add 5g Robin Red (for 2 eggs – pro rate for more than two).

Mixing bowel and jug with bird seed and fishing ingredients.

Beat together the eggs and the Robin Red and then slowly add Red Factor to the mixture.

Hand holding orange-red, seeded fishing paste.

Allow the paste to “rest” for about 15 minutes to allow the Red Factor to do its work. You should be able to compress a palmful like this quite easily.

Hand holding round orange-red, seeded groundbait.

Finally roll out into boilie sized balls of past, or into larger groundbait-sized ones as required.

Ken holding up a shiny fish.

Finally go fishing and prepare to be amazed.

Written by Ken Townley

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