The Best Paste Baits for Fishing: Top Recommendations

The Best Paste Baits for Fishing: Top Recommendations

In this blog entry I am going to show you how to make one of the best paste baits you will ever use!

Thankfully it is a doddle to make, store and keep fresh thanks to its unique make up.

You will need the following:

150g Haith’s CLO
150g Haith’s Red Factor
200g any good proprietary fishmeal base mix
3 medium eggs
Some pure pineapple juice
A flavour
An essential oil 20ml (approx) cod liver oil.

The recipe

weighting the ingredients


Weigh out carefully 150g Haiths CLO, 150g Haith’s Red Factor and 200g of a top-flight fishmeal base mix. One the scales is Blue Trigga ATS from Nutrabaits.

weighing eggs on the scales

Break three eggs and weigh the yokes and whites on a digital kitchen scales.

Pineapple Juice to be weighed

Weigh out the same amount – it doesn’t have to be exactly the same! - of pineapple juice.

other attractors to be added to the bait ingredient

Prepare the other attractors you will use. Here I am going to use Pineapple and Butyric flavour and Black Pepper Essential Oil, both from Nutrabaits.

Prepare the other attractors


 Add a capful of the flavour to the eggs.


Add a capful of flavour to the eggs

Add 20 drops of the essential oil.

dry powders in a long poly bag

Now place the dry powders in a large, strong polythene bag.

Inflate the bag and seal it temporarily

Blow into the bag to inflate it and then twist the mouth of the bag to seal it temporarily.


After a good shake the powders will have blended together nicely.

The powders will have blended together nicely

After beating the eggs to combine the pineapple juice, the flavour and the essential oil, start adding the mixed powders. Do this a bit at a time as the mixture will stiffen significantly as more dry ingredients are added.

beating the eggs to combine the pineapple juice

Add the remainder of the dry ingredients and mix them in and then allow the ball of paste to ‘rest’ for 30 minutes.

Add the cod liver oil to form the final paste

Now is the time to add the cod liver oil. This helps you to form the final paste without any of it sticking to your hands or the mixing bowl, and it adds still further to the attraction.

split the bait into two halves

I now like to split the finished paste ball into two halves.

place each half into a poly bag and squeeze the air out


Next I place each half into a polythene bag, squeeze out as much air as possible and then seal the bag using a heat sealer. You can pick these up very cheaply these days and they do make bait making and storage so much easier.

sealed bag to go in the freezer

The two sealed bags of paste can now be placed in the freezer, and being sealed as they are they will not contaminate other foods in the freezer.

paste as a wrap around the lead weight

Now it is time to use the paste as a wrap that goes around the lead weight. I have been fishing this way for the best part of eight years but the Fox Paste Bomb (as seen here) makes life a lot easier.

paste bomb

Simply mould the paste around the Paste Bomb prior to casting out. You will not believe the difference this makes to the local attraction close to the hookbait. Try it for yourself. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

poly bag paste straight out of the freezer

From fresh or out of the freezer the paste will last for anything up to two weeks if kept moist in its polythene bag and not allowed to sweat in the sun.

The paste will last anywhere within two weeks

Paste is a great way to draw attention to the hookbait and in addition to wrapping it around the Paste Bomb you can also wrap it around the hook, hair and hookbait/hookbaits as well. I suggest using double baits on the hair as this give the paste something extra to grip on.

The paste bait placed in a bowl of water

Here you can see the paste-wrapped hook and hookbaits after being placed in a bowl of water. You can see that at first it is the drab colour of the fishmeals that dominates the paste. Those aren’t egg yolks in the middle by the way. They are double Techni Spice boilies!

same paste & hookbaits after a 36 hour soak

This is the same paste and hookbaits after 36 hours in soak. You can see that the predominantly yellow colour of the Red Factor and the CLO has dominated the drab colour of the fishmeals in the paste.

the paste will soften and catch that carp

Now I  bet all of you are saying, how on earth is that set up going to hook a carp when the hook itself is covered in paste? Well let me assure you that after just a few minutes the paste will be soft enough to allow the hook to pull through immediately following the pick up. Even if you don’t get a take straight away, even after several hours the paste will still be semi intact and as attractive as ever, but soft enough to do the business when you get a pick up, as you can clearly see from this photo. Look! The paste is still stuck to the double hookbaits but the carp is well and truly nailed.
Cheers for now!

Written by Ken Townley

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