Genuine Robin Red: Available Exclusively from Haith's (and Approved Bait Firms)

Genuine Robin Red: Available Exclusively from Haith's (and Approved Bait Firms)

From its base in the UK, bird food manufacturer, John E Haith Ltd has been producing Robin Red® since the early 1950s. More than half a century on and Robin Red is universally recognised as one of the most successful carp baits ever.

Genunine Robin Red HB

But, success comes with its own particular problems and for Haith's® that is the growing number of anglers who do not know for certain that a bait really does include Haith's® genuine Robin Red.

And this is a problem the company is beginning to address. Simon King of Haith's told Angling International "We are in the process of identifying companies selling products they claim is Haith's Robin Red but which has not been produced by us".

In such cases anglers are being misled as to the origin and quality of this product and plagiarists are benefiting from the goodwill created by our brand and registered trademark.

ROBIN RED® is a registered trademark of John E Haith Ltd 

"Insist on the genuine, authentic and successful Robin Red.

By asking bait companies to identify the commercial source of Robin Red, we can help meet the quality expectations of consumers. There are only two genuine, authentic and successful Robin Red's and it comes from Haith's. Along with other bird food baits, Robin Red is a registered trademark belonging to our company and any business wishing to use it must do so under the terms and conditions of a licencing agreement.

"This is good news for legitimate and quality bait companies because our objective is to create a clearer distinction between baits that contain genuine Haith's bird food baits and those that do not." 

"Haith's is keen to point out that there is much more to its bait portfolio that just Robin Red. King says: "Our other bird foods are included in some of Europe's most successful fishing baits. Products like Nectarblend™ , Red Factor™ , Prosecto Insectivorous™ , Egg Buscuit and PTX™ have all featured in baits for many years, while relative newcomers like SuperRed™ , HoneyRed™ , MarineRed™ and NaturalRed™ have gone from strength to strength over the last ten years."

King believes that bait companies appreciate the fact that Haith's is not first and foremost a bait manufacturer thats is trying to compete for their anglers. He says: "It's one of the reasons that we have grown".

"We don't tend to boast about our growth. We are bird food experts - not expert bait manufacturers. Our bird foods are nutritious and high quality - and yet reletively speaking low-cost and affordable. These natural qualities are incredibly appealing to carp and that is why they have always worked."

There is one common thread to all Haith's partners - quality. The reason certain bait companies are interested in Haith's bird food baits is that they've made a commitment to producing high quality baits. Its their place in the market. These bait companies add their own expert and individual value and, of course, sales and marketing.

"Eastern Europe has become a hotbed for carp fishing in recent years and a growing market for Haith's. Stretching further away from the UK is exciting and challenging for us, but we need to retain the integrity of our trademark brands and ensure our brand isn't being misused," adds King.

"It’s about time Haith’s made it easier for anglers to shop for genuine Robin Red! Why? There are two genuine Robin Red's and they come from Haith’s; therefore, it makes perfect sense for anglers to know which bait companies are genuinely using it in their baits.” - Ken Townley, carp fishing writer and Haith’s product consultant.

We owe it to our customers to make it harder for companies to say that they use our bird foods when they clearly do not. 

"We are helping anglers to identify bait makers who regularly use the Haith's Baits range of bird foods in their baits . This month we'll be taking the unprecedented step of listing approved bait companies online at

If your brand is not on the list, this might be a good time to talk..."

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