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SuperRed Bait Variations: Creative Recipes and Techniques for Anglers

Hi! In today’s blog I want to return to an old theme that I have talked about before, namely using SuperRed as a potent groundbait that will help introduce other aspects of bait into the swim.

Here I want to look at prepared Red Band, fine-ground boilie crumb, and finally as a way to introduce base mix ingredients such as neat fishmeals or even a complete base mix into your swim. In each case the magic ingredient will be my ‘baby’ SuperRed.

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We’ll start off by looking at a way of introducing prepared Red Band into the swim, so clearly you first need to prep the pigeon conditioner. There are several ways of doing this, and many of these have been previously detailed in these blogs, but for a quick and simple method just use a Thermos flask. Simply pre-heat the flask with boiling water, then tip it out, add Red Band to about ¾ full and then fill the flask with boiling water. 

Image of soaked Red Band Conditioner fishing bait

After a 12 hour soak in the flask the bait will be perfectly cooked, each grain and seed done to a turn. The Red Band should look like this when emptied into a bowl. 

Image of soaked SuperRed and Red Band Conditioner held in someones hand

Now simply add neat SuperRed to the Red Band a bit at a time slowly blending the two baits together. Note that the blended bait will stiffen slightly so err on the wet side to allow for this to happen. You can always add more SuperRed to the Red Band if necessary. 

Image of small balls of groundbait

You are aiming for a consistency that will allow you to form small balls of groundbait that can be fired out into the swim at random. 

Image of boiled round bait in a food processor

Now for getting some boilie crumb into the swim. First take a kilo of boiled baits – I prefer to use shelf life baits – and empty them into a food processor. It’s probably best if you pop down to a boot sale and pick up and old one rather than use Mum’s/the wife/s best kitchen hardware! 

Image of powdered bait in food processor

Now given the shelfies a good blitzing in the food processor. You will find about 2-3 minutes on maximum speed will produce a lovely fine crumb from the whole kilo of boilies. 

Image of liquid attractor being added to the powdered bait in a processor

This bit is optional, but while blitzing I like to add a bit of liquid attraction to the crumb. 

Image of a bottle of blue oyster attractor

You can also add a touch of flavour. Don’t go mad. This amount will be fine for a kilo of crumb. Image of fishing bait in a crumb consistency

So once again all you need to do is add the crumb to the SuperRed and then add water a bit at a time to stiffen. 

Image of a ball of fishing bait

Again the object is to form small balls that can be fired out with a caty. 

Image of fishing bait mixed together in a bowl

Finally you can employ exactly the same procedure to introduce ingredients such as fishmeal, ground pellets, or even neat base mix into your swim. First empty the required amount of SuperRed into a bucket or bowl and add some liquid attraction. This is a mix of Molasses and Nutrabaits’ Corn Steel Liquor.

Now add water and blend the ingredients with a fork to form a wet sloppy mixture.

Image of fishing bait mix in the palm of someones hand

This is my own base mix made up from various Haith’s Baits and Nutrabaits ingredients and base mixes including Haith’s Baits CLO. 

Image of fishing bait bird food mix in a green scoop

Now I add the base mix to the sloppy SuperRed so that it stiffens enough so that I can create larger groundbait balls the size of a big orange. These can be thrown by hand into the swim. 

Image of a fishing rod with four balls of groundbait on the grass

For greater range the groundbaits can be fired out using a specialist groundbait sling as shown here. 

Image of Ken Townley holding a large carp

So there we have three handy tips for introducing maximum attraction into your swim. Get it right and you could strike lucky, like this!

Written by Ken Townley

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