Winter Baiting Part 3: Advanced Tips to Decrease Waiting Time

Winter Baiting Part 3: Advanced Tips to Decrease Waiting Time

Monday, 24th October 2016

Now that I've covered some of the aspects of my approach, let's get back to bait, and the construction of bait.

Here is one of my typical recipes to take a look at:

150g Haith's Prosecto Insectivorous
100g Haith's Nectarblend
150g Semolina
100g Wheat Flour
100g 90 Mesh Acid Casein
100g Skimmed Milk Powder
100g Full Fat Whey Powder
100g CPSP-90
100g Haith's Spanish Peppers RRR

Haith's powdered fishing bait ingredients - brown, yellow and red.

This is the base mix, the liquids I will leave up to you, although at this point I'll add that I stick to unique and natural type feeding and investigation triggers, as well as liquid food type additives rather than synthetic flavours.

A black and white label of Haith's Baits Prosecto.

The first ingredient in the mix is Haith's Prosecto Insectivorous. Now Prosecto, is one of my very favourite Haith's ingredients, containing a unique and superb blend of ingredients including dried insects and fishmeal. Ignore this ingredient at your peril, it is ultra-effective!

Black and white label of Haith's Nectarblend.

Next in the recipe is Haith's Nectarblend, with its unique honey aroma, it really does smell nice! Also containing various seeds and an 'egg food' type base, it's clear to see why carp respond to it so readily and respond to it they do!

Both of the above Haith's ingredients have a lovely coarse texture which - as I've mentioned before - helps with leakage of liquids and attractors, as well as providing some 'roughage'.

Next are Semolina and Wheat Flour as carbohydrate-based binders. Then the milk/whey blend that I've chosen to use. These will provide solubility, as well as adding to the nutritional profile of the bait.

Packet of CPSP-90 soluble attraction for fishing.

Then I include 10% CPSP-90, soluble fish protein meal, which is very attractive, as you would expect.

Haith's paper bag with a black and white label across the front.

Then, the biggie! Haith's Spanish Peppers RRR, a unique blend of spices and other attractive substances, once the carp get a taste of this, they keep coming back for more!

Long, thin, brown sausage-shaped fishing bait laid out.

Now, if you are unsure how to formulate your own baits, then you can use the recipe above, or if you want you could add your own changes etc., it really is up to you. Once you have decided on your base mix, however, mix plenty up, select your chosen liquids, and get rolling, as winter is almost upon us!

Join me next time, when I will write about some more applications of Haith's bird foods, tips, tricks and edges to use this winter, to decrease the waiting.

Good luck and happy rolling!


Written by Andy Obrien

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