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Winter Paste Recipe: Effective Fishing Bait for Cold Weather

I know I have written extensively about paste in the pages of this blog, but I make no apology for doing so again. With the depths of winter now upon us attraction is the name of the game so today I would like to share with you a relatively low cost, yet super-attractive paste.

Photo of four pots of fishing bait in round storage dishes

You will need approximately 112g  (4oz), Red Factor (top left), Haith's CLO (top right), crushed hempseed (bottom left), and fishmeal (bottom right).

You will also need some proven high attract ingredients and you can use whatever you have to hand to suit your preferences. Personally, I like the following powders: Greenshell Lipped Mussel Concentrate,

Photo of white screw top plastic bottle

 Liver Extract Powder: 

Photo of sea through plastic bag containing liver extract powder

Nutrabaits Cajoler Powder, a sweet and strong smelling vanilla-based attractor: 

Photo of container with a white screw lid containing additives for fishing

I am also a huge fan of Blue Oyster Flavour. 

Photo of blue oyster attractor being held up in someones hand

The great advantage of paste is that because the paste is not boiled a shell is not formed on the outside. This shell can hold in the attraction whereas with a paste the ingredients are exposed to water ingress and the attractive molecules bind with water molecules to escape into the water column. Carp are designed by nature to detect this attraction and as long as you have not gone over the top then you will create a source of attraction that carp will investigate. Amino acids are the key to attraction so by supplying a couple of sources of amino-based ingredients you should be able to attract fish into the area around your hookbait. These two ingredients are powerful sources of free amino acids, among other attractors. Sanchi Tamari Sauce is widely available online, in delicatessen shops and also in health food stores. The other liquid is available from Feed Stimulants as are GSMC and Liver Extract Powder. 

Plastic bag containing powdery fishing bait

Once you have weighed out the main ingredients empty them into a plastic bag and then add the following: 

Photo of red measuring spoon containing liver extract powder on a scale

5g of Greenshell Lipped Mussel Concentrate and the same of Liver extract powder..

Also, add 5g of Cajoler.

Photo of blue celophane bag being tied into a know, trapping some air inside

Form a neck in the bag and blow into the neck so as to inflate the bag and then twist the neck to trap the air inside the bag. Now give the bag a good shake. This will blend together the dry powders and the base mix ingredients.

Photo of plastic container bottle containing blue oyster attractor

Break your eggs into a bowl and then add a capful (approx 5ml) Blue Oyster Flavour…

Photo of white plastic bowl being filled with liquid attractor

   …30ml of Tamari Sauce… 

Photo of white plastic bowl with liquid attractor being poured into it with a red measuring spoon

…and 15 ml of Amino Compound Sweet Fruit. Whisk to blend the attractors with the eggs.

Photo of mixed paste in a blue plastic bag

Mix the dry ingredients with the eggs and attractors and mould into a ball. If the mix seems too wet at first, leave it to stand for 20-30 minutes and it will firm up nicely. Place the paste in the polythene bag, squeeze out the air and twist the neck to seal the bag. It is now ready for use or you can store it in the fridge for a week or so. If you wish to store for longer than a week, pop it into the freezer.

Photo of sausage shaped fishing bait on a fishing hook

There are many ways in which paste can be used. You can mould it around your hookbait for instance (top), or create hookbait using stocking mesh (bottom). 

Photo of hookbait using a stocking mesh

Alternatively bury your lead in a big ball of paste to add still further to the attraction surrounding the hookbait. This lead is a specially designed Paste Bomb from Fox International. 

Photo of a finished paste bait loaded ready for use

Here's a Paste Bomb loaded for bear!

The days are already lengthening and it'll soon be spring! Good Luck…

 Written by Ken Townley

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