New at Haith's: "Invest in the planet with every online purchase"

Go carbon-neutral with your Haith's bird food delivery.

HOW IT WORKS: Check out with Shop Pay and help plant trees (It's that easy!)

Trust our friends at Shopify to come up with an ingenious way of helping to reduce the environmental impact of our bird food deliveries for free.

All you have to do is choose Shop Pay during the checkout for carbon-neutral deliveries. 

We jumped at the chance to work with Shop Pay and we're excited about the opportunity to "invest in the planet with every online purchase." So, when you buy bird food to help wildlife, your purchase will also help heal nature - it's a win, win. This is why it's a great fit for the work we do under the sustainability banner we at Haith's call Mission 'R'. 

Here's how it works:

Choose Secure One-Tap Checkout and look out for the Shop Pay logo when you make online purchases from Haith's and other responsible online retailers. 



This year, Shopify's goal is to plant 4.6 million trees by end of 2022.

Shopify is working with We Forest to restore the Casamance Mangroves in Senegal, Africa. 

Choose Shop Pay and together we will:

  • Rebuild habitat for endangered species and wildlife
  • Grow fish populations and support sustainable harvesting
  • Capture the CO2 produced by Shop Pay deliveries

And you won't pay a single penny more for your order from Haith's. 

Together, we can achieve more.

There are benefits to you, too, in terms of speed and security - for example: Shop Pay have an average checkout-to-order rate of 1.72x times higher than those going through regular checkouts. Why? Because Shop Pay provides a seamless shopping experience. Once you use Shop Pay for the first time, your information is saved for future purchases—you can then securely speed through checkout with a simple tap. It's called an accelerated checkout process. 

Enjoy shopping with Haith's.