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Why Choose Haith's PRO?

      We were honoured to have received a prestigious award from the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums). This recognition underscores the exceptional quality of our bird food QC and our commitment to animal care and wellbeing, wildlife conservation, and public awareness for species.

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      Case Studies

      Haith's parrot food

      Haith’s PRO Seed Mix for

      A game-changer for RZSS’s (Edinburgh Zoo) Red Fronted Macaw.

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      Haith’s Prosecto Replaces ‘Nutritionally Inadequate’ Diet:

      A transformational change for Waldrapp Ibis at RZSS (Edinburgh Zoo).

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      Quality is Under Control


      "Haith’s PRO is an exceptional initiative, providing an unparalleled level of quality in bird diets. It's a must for any serious avicultural organisation."

      – Professor John E Cooper, DTVMFRC Path FRCVS