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Haith’s Bird Food & Feed UK

Cheap 'n' cheerful - basic bird food mix for budget feeding (from £0.98 p/kg)*.

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Cheap 'n' cheerful bird food: Our budget feed might be as cheap as chips, but it's still hand-crafted by Haith's champions and SuperClean.

We're on a mission to help everyone afford to feed the birds. 

At Haith's, we come to work to make food and feed that's healthy, natural and fresh - it's been Haith's way since 1937. Our wildlife diets are all unique - we're proud of every single one we hand-craft at Haith's. 

However, we know the Great British public has understandable fears over rising prices - no one's immune to increases at the petrol pump, price increases at the supermarket and eye-watering utility bills.

We're all counting the pennies these days, and that's why we're launching a new cheap 'n' cheerful food for budget feeding because we feel it's our duty at Haith's to help our customers to afford to continue feeding their garden birds. 

Will this basic food attract a wide variety of birds, as wide as our premium wildlife foods? Probably not, but it will, nevertheless, attract and feed some of the most common visitors and that will continue to keep those on a budget connected with nature.

In this case, cheap, clean and fresh food can be cheerful for your feathered friends and cheerful for you, too, if you're on a tight budget but still want to feed and watch garden wildlife.

*Price based on 50.2kg

Customer Reviews

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gene crowhurst
birds eat the seeds with no mess

good price

Hello Gene, thank you for taking the time to write us a review


Living in Northumberland, surrounded by fields, trees and lots of birds delighted daily by their food we put out for them. Some can feed from the containers with a variety of food. Our Blackbird trots happily underneath, picking up the seeds etc descending from above.

Hello Sue, thank you for taking the time to write us a review.