Moulting made easier at Haith's

Moulting made easier at Haith's

After the physiological strain of breeding, parent birds may liable to exhaustion and also will have commenced their moult. This is certainly the most stressful time for them, particularly in the wild as they are inhibited by loss of feathers and their flying ability.

Fortunately, captive birds have fewer threats from predation but, nevertheless, they still maintain their natural territorial space around them and can still be stressed by their caged colleagues. They will be helped through their moult by offering softfood two or three times a week.

Moulting made easier at Haith's
We’ve listed below some of the most popular products bird-keepers request during moulting and you can find out more about these bird diets and seeds by clicking on the links below:

De Luxe Canary Seed

Foreign Finch Mixture
Chinese Millet Sprays

Bravo Budgie Mix

Budgie Tonic Seed

Fine Oystershell Grit

Mineralised Tonic Grit

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