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  • Haith's De Luxe Canary Seed Mix is amongst the best of all Canary bird diets. Tested by time, tested by bird-keeping experts.
  • Canary fed with De Luxe Canary Seed™
  • Haith's De Luxe Canary Seed fed Canary.
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De Luxe Canary Seed™

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The King of Canary seeds. SuperClean and super quality with a reputation for greatness. 

Amongst the best of all Canary bird diets. Tested by time, tested by bird-keeping experts.

This mix includes many of the vitamins and minerals missing in so many other Canary mixes. The addition of Niger Seed helps prevent egg-binding and has tonic properties.

Please note: Bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
William Passmoor

I have tried other seeds with mixed results so I tried Haiths saw the difference in days no mess all seed consumed birds in top condition will not feed any other seed first class delivery I win all round

Richard Hill
Canary mix

Excellent quality clean shiny seed the birds love and fantastic delivery

Thank you for the review, Richard. We love hearing that your birds are happy with our bird mix.

Martyn Fairfield
Haiths seed

Excellent service Very good delivery.

Hello Martyn, thank you for the review.

david vaughan
haiths seeds

Haiths canary seed to me must be the best you can buy with great delivery service as well

Hello David, thank you for your lovely review. We are glad that you like our bird seed as much as we do.

Mixed Canary Seed

First class seed of a consistently high quality. Excellent website and prompt delivery, always reliable

Hello Martin, thank you for the lovely review